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NCA2018 Full Report & Press Pack

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NCA 2018 Full Report and Press Pack NCA 2018 Full Report and Press Pack

Twenty-two years of final-mile excellence for National Courier Awards

Rattle the clappers, light-show and fanfares for the best-of-the-best in Express final-mile courier. Pledges of code of practice and level 6 degree in Express management announced.

Best of the Best final mile in the UK recognised by independent panel of judges at the Institute of Couriers National Awards 2018


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Contract Wheels


Contract Office



Corporate Safety Award


O’Donovan Waste Disposal

2018 nca corporate safety odonovan


A final mile company two generations and fifty years, already recognised for its commitment to road safety, employee training, industry best practice and the safety of other road users. Looking for best practice, starting with risk assessments and independent audits to formulate a plan of action that would see a complete overhaul of health and safety with a clear target to engage every single member of the workforce via champions who lead by example demonstrating best practice to all.

This nomination recognises a top down approach to the safety of its operations introducing a theme, ‘Safety Above and Beyond.’ This theme ensures all staff are on board, focused and importantly, they understand and take ownership of the part they play in the safety of all. The result is higher staff morale, lower staff turnover and a companywide embracement of health and safety goals.


Courier Team Award


The Defence Courier Service

2018 nca courier team dcs


The reach of Defence Courier Service is truly global, with DCS Couriers routinely finding themselves travelling by sea, air and land to over 50 countries worldwide.  A unique capability of the DCS is that its team can safely operate in most parts of the world; they have undertaken specific training to enable them to perform their role in direct support of military operations and can work in arduous and austere environments ranging from bleak Falkland Island winters to the heat and dust of summer in desert-like environments, it is all part of the service that DCS is uniquely able to provide.

Supporting the Couriers is a small operations and processing team that are collectively responsible for the tasking and processing of the many items, ranging from ISO containers to small packages.  Its ability to react quickly is its strength and is down to the professionalism and selfless commitment of the whole team.  The best example of this was supporting hurricane relief efforts in the Caribbean last year when there was a Defence Courier on one of the first relief flights into the area.  

Within the UK and Europe, the critical role of the DCS Courier Escort Drivers comes to the fore.  Working alongside the Defence Couriers, they enable the collection and delivery of items across the length and breadth of the UK.  It is testament to their efforts that the Defence Courier Service often records the highest mileage of any non-military vehicle fleet across the MOD.  

Operating around the UK and the world, be it in support of operations, exercises or supporting disaster relief efforts, the personnel of the Defence Courier Service have consistently proved themselves to be a group of highly dedicated and professional individuals.  Their outstanding and sustained performance has ensured that they have successfully completed every task given to it in maintaining their ‘zero error’ mandate.

Their remarkable achievements are in keeping with the finest traditions of service to the Crown and it reflects credit upon itself and the wider British Forces Post Office organisation.  In doing so the Defence Courier Service has proven itself to be fully deserving of recognition and the organisation is therefore nominated to receive the prestigious Institute of Couriers Award in the Military Category.

Step Change Award


Hermes working with DWP JCP on the National Wheels to Work Programme

2018 nca step change hermes


Working in a team effort with Job Centre Plus, DWP on this years Wheels to Work Campaign with the national and regional managers of Job Centres to aid recruitment into the Express sector.

Govt Dept, DWP have proposed a nomination for a national express company engaged in sector recruitment via the DWP wheels to work programme.

The DWP, Job Centre Plus nomination is for alliance with the National DWP Work to Wheels recruitment campaign organised by transport lead for Job Centre Plus,  Alex Farkas.

A team effort to explain the sector to national workforce through a cross-regional campaign headed up by head of transport sector for JCP, Alex Farkas to both educate recruitment teams in the Job Centre and showcase the express delivery opportunities across different working platforms to the unemployed audience of the Job Centres UK-wide.

Electric Consolidation Award


City of London Corporation

2018 nca electric consolidation city of london corporation


The winning nomination, Located at the geographic heart of one of the highest levels of air pollution in the country they are transforming their own fleet ready for ULEZ.

Working directly with business to tackle emissions for deliveries and freight. In the pipeline, they are helping others with the rollout of electric vehicle charging infrastructure for neighbouring residents. They are implementing a no-diesel strategy for all new vehicles.

They are leading the way for change and have had lots of dialogue during 2018, carrying out showcase presentations at TfLs LoCITY events to bring the concept of no diesel to a wider audience.

Viscount, Lord Falkland, President Institute of Couriers ,

Recognition for the City of London Corporation’s excellent work on green and safe transport initiatives for the relentless efforts of the City Corporation to promote the development and use of electric vehicles is a great step forward for clean air in the city of London.


Services to Industry Award


Adrian Smith, Swift Logistics

2018 nca services to industry adrian smith


In the mid eighties he rose to sales manager for Parceline in Reading where he gained an excellent grounding in the parcels and freight environment.

In the late eighties, he moved to Rico Logistics where he rose to become the Group Commercial Manager – where he would lead management of National Contracts and Acquisitions - Courier and logistics (FSL & PUDO).

In 2006 he became MD for a 24 hr Courier Service where he remains today more than a decade later.

A company committed to its community and neighbours in the Western London coridors.

Often in the news, locally engaged with a breadth of causes, 11 year champions to deliver the Christmas toy appeal, supporting logistics for the Over 80’s Parcel fund, West Berkshire food Bank, the West Berks Rapid Response Car and Heartstart.

A company of Express Transport that includes Contract Fleet Hire / Management, 3PL, Contract Warehousing, Pick and Pack, and Outsource Field-Based Resource Management. Covering Express Courier, Process Specific Transport Solutions, Specialist Medical Logistics, APC Overnight Services, Global Logistics and Mail.

A key player nationally from the APC network, a long-standing fellow of the Institute of Couriers, always at the heart of heads of industry discussions for our sector, he is the present chair of the panel of judges of the National Courier Awards.



Two Wheels Awards


2018 sees one of the two wheelers with a decade of service. Both Individuals who have made a positive impression with a willingness to help both clients and colleagues, punctual and with ability to make tricky deadlines.

Peter Rodriguez, Cargo Bike Courier, CitySprint, London

2018 nca 2 wheels rodriguez

Peter Rodriguez receives his award

“Firstly, he took some time to share how the cargo bike works and how he likes riding them, absolutely enjoyed the conversation. And yes, the items were delivered on time!” Client Testimonial.

Controller, ‘Where to begin with the superlatives for Peter? He was one of our founding members to the ‘Cargo Crew’. His passion for riding cargo bikes, positive impressions on clients, and willingness to help the company expand the fleet are just a few of his contributions to the industry.’

Prior to joining the ‘Cargo Crew’, Peter rode a cargo bike for a small coffee roastery. When he found out about our emission free fleet he quickly joined. At first, he rode a manual bike and helped the operations team realise that an e-cargo bike is a more effective way to carry a greater load and travel faster in central London/congested areas and at peak times. Hailing from New York and a lifelong cyclist, many have seen the smile on his face as he glides through London. Simply put, Peter represents the future of the industry with his positive energy, and dedication to his zero-emission vehicle. We can all learn from his leadership as we work towards achieving a cleaner, greener industry.


Andrew Stutchbury, Cycle Courier, CitySprint, London


nca awaiting image ioc 600x400

Andrew Stutchbury receives his award

“It’s staggering how the efforts of one person can truly make a difference. Andy is a pleasure to work with. Not only for the way he completes any job with no issues, but for his cheerful attitude and friendly manner.” Client testimonial.

He has worked for over a decade as a pushbike courier, and during this time has demonstrated unparalleled commitment and professionalism – making him a standout member of the business and industry.  

Staff or customers haven never made a complaint – quite a remarkable achievement across a decade-long career. This is due to his faultless punctuality and ability to make tricky deadlines, as well as going beyond his day job to support the growth of the business.

Andy has been instrumental in helping others on the fleet; acting as a supportive mentor for those starting out in their careers.


Four Wheels Awards


A bumper nomination of four wheels makes 2018 year of the final mile van driver, comments include, ‘one of the best, buoyant, positive, incredible.’ From weather in the North to three decades of service, supporting Santa in peak and getting almost 400 kilos to the third floor. One client searched Facebook to send the thanks.

Iain Baines, van driver, Hermes Bolton

2018 nca 4 wheels bains

Iain Baines receives his award

Iain has been a self-employed courier for Hermes for 3 years and is a model courier. Iain is always at the top of the leader board in terms of service kpi’s.  He is consistently above target for service delivery, at 100% for ETAs and collections, has very few enquiries and has never had a claim since he started with us.

Iain has a great understanding of his customers’ needs and knows exactly where his customers want him to deliver his parcels to if they are not in when he calls. He is also conscious of any special circumstances relating to the customers on his round which results in an exceptional delivery experience.

Malcolm Jones, van driver, GLH London


2018 nca 4 wheels jones

Malcolm Jones receives his award

In our industry, sometimes we must look to what each and every person who partakes in courier work has to endure and into this mix add a driver who has worked with us for 30 years.

Increased traffic, higher customer expectations, lowering of speed limits job restrictions that can incredibly frustrating at times. He remains buoyant, positive, helpful, loved by the customers (many testimonials), loved by his colleagues, hardworking and still wanting to sort the problems out.

That is the standard we set, why nominate continued excellence in couriering but really? Thirty years and still top of the game, being welcomed and loved by customers when he enters their doors. I think to do this so long deserves more. The reason Malcolm has been nominated is he is the essence of what an excellent courier is. There should be a film about this man.

“Sometimes it is not the obvious or measurable things that make someone great at their job. I can quite happily speak for all of us and say that Malcolm Jones is the greatest Smile Maker. Here is to another thirty years of smiles!”

Tania Pinkerton, van driver, Yodel Corby


2018 nca 4 wheels pinkerton

Tania Pinkerton receives her award

She started as a self-employed courier in 2012 delivering in and around Corby. Christmas can be stressful in the parcel industry, but she takes the time to spread the festive cheer. She decorates her vehicle and customers just  love the tinsel, lights and red fleece, you may even believe that she’s one of Santa’s helpers.

A few days after she had taken the decorations down a client’s customer was returning a faulty item. On collection she was informed it was actually a child’s Christmas presents and they had told him that Santa and his elves would fix it for him. Wanting to keep the little boy’s belief alive, Tania quickly found her red fleece and went to collect the faulty present and ‘return it to Lapland’. She apologised to the little boy and said she would return it to Santa.

“Tania is consistently commented on by customers, in their words ‘10/10’ with comments about her friendliness, how well informed she keeps them and her speedy and efficient deliveries.  As well as always putting her customers first, she also actively engages with, challenges and supports her peers. She is very community focussed and is the first to support any charity work”

Marcus Ridley, van driver, Yodel Leamington

2018 nca 4 wheels ridley

Marcus Ridley receives his award

In August 2017, while on his rounds, Marcus witnessed a collision involving two vehicles on the M40 roundabout near Banbury. Marcus pulled over to check that the occupants of both vehicles were ok and stayed with one driver and her baby until the emergency services arrived, ensuring that they were both safe and redirecting traffic, despite a number of frustrated and aggressive drivers.

After the incident, Marcus carried on making his deliveries, but the female driver was keen to track him down in order to thank him for the care he showed her and her baby. She put out an appeal on Facebook and successfully made contact with us.  “He showed great chivalry and bravery in stopping and redirecting the fast traffic and ensuring the safety of those involved. He kept the office informed and we the client; the delivery was not affected”

He became a courier in 2015 and is very well respected by his peers and popular with customers. Feedback on his recent deliveries included “Marcus was so polite and cheerful on a dreary day” “I could tell he had handled my parcels with care” “The driver was willing to walk up those five flights of stairs when our receptionist had a broken ankle” Client Testimonials.

Kenneth Ronaldson (ED17), van driver, CitySprint Edinburgh


2018 nca 4 wheels ronaldson

Kenneth Ronaldson receives his award

He will do anything for anybody whether they are staff, fellow couriers or customers. He is one of our best. HE has worked eight years for us and is an incredible credit to both our company and profession. He is a lead courier for new recruits, trained for contract runs as well ad hoc delivery.

A great example of him going “above and beyond” can be seen only today: For our client we have an agreement to deliver to the 2nd floor of any building. Today we had a request from a store to deliver 390 kilos to the 3rd floor. Kenny was more than happy to complete the job and make sure the customer is happy.

Despite some difficult times in life outside of work, Kenny has always put the company first and never lets us – or our clients. He is a strong character, a great man and a great courier!

Kenny is very cool, calm and very easy to deal with. One word sums him up: Dedicated.

Kenny without hesitation has more than proved his dedication to our clients, time and time again.

No matter what you send Kenny or where you ask him to go, he just gets on and gets the job done and gives it 100% at all times.

Contract Wheels Awards


Contract category, driving for the express delivery contracted / regular client service, strong client recommendations, comments included, ‘shining example, getting it right, without hesitation, flexible, reliable, World class, does not understand failure.’

Paul Roach, contract van driver, Yodel Basildon


2018 nca contract wheels roach

Paul Roach receives his award

He has been a self-employed van driver for over 16 years, he is the one we ask our new drivers to go out with as part of their training as he is a shining example of the company values and his understanding of our service and the importance of getting it right for our customers is exemplary.

Earlier this year, while on his round He saw a young man lying on the floor. While others walked by, he pulled over to see if the man was ok. Realising he was unconscious, he spotted a card which indicated that the young man was epileptic. Without hesitation he followed the instructions on the card, including making sure nobody moved the man until he regained consciousness. He stayed with the man, making sure he was ok.

Paul’s dedication, consistently high service delivery to our customers is second to none.  Customer comments received talk of his great delivery, speed and efficiency.

“100% satisfied with my delivery, he listened and did what I needed. Thank you” “He was fast what a great delivery”  Client Testimonial.

Liviu Stanciu, contract van driver, CitySprint Plymouth


2018 nca contract wheels stanciu

Liviu Stanciu receives his award

He is one of the most exceptional couriers I have ever come across. He is polite, friendly, courteous, flexible, reliable, eager and always willing to learn. He responds positively to all requests without fail and carries out his daily duties to the very highest standard. He is, quite simply, world class.

A recent example of his great attitude: During the recent heavy snowfall here in the South West, he battled through the weather to reach the pharmacy and waited there until staff arrived to make sure medication reached patients. He doesn’t understand the word ‘failure’!

He is a regular route driver for a Hospital and comment on his hard work and dedication. Any issues with deliveries are always communicated promptly, points out potential problems before they are problems. He has a positive attitude, strong work ethic, good communication, excellent time management and smart problem solving. The hospital staff truly love working with him!

“Liviu is a valued member of our team. He goes out of his way to provide a good service and go above and beyond the day job. He is helpful, kind and courteous. Liviu is never afraid to make suggestions on how we can improve practices and streamline processes. Many suggestions have been acted on and have improved the way we work. Liviu is an absolute delight to work with” Client Testimonial.

Artur Skalecki, contract van driver, Yodel Peterborough

2018 nca contract wheels skalecki

Artur Skalecki receives his award

He has been with us for three years, a key player at our Peterbourogh Office, he plays a vital role in the community, delivering online shopping orders in Huntingdon and the surrounding areas.

In January, he was out on a particularly windy day. Despite the weather the roads were quite busy, he was surprised to see an elderly lady lying on the grass covered in mud.  He immediately stopped his van and ran to her aid. It transpired that despite so many people being around, the lady had been lying there for over 20 minutes, she was in shock and very upset. He helped her up and took her home to a neighbour. He then went back to retrieve her shopping and look for her door key, which she’d lost in the fall. The lady was extremely grateful and thanked him for all his help, when everyone else had walked past.

“Artur has been a key player at Peterborough since he joined. He is now one of our early drivers, delivering parcels to couriers in outlying areas as well as delivering his own round, delivering up to 200 parcels a day. He has always had consistently high customer satisfaction and extremely high first-time delivery rate of around 98%. He goes out of his way to help his customers and colleagues in any way that he can and is highly regarded by all.”


Office Awards


Strong client recommendations in the 2018 group, comments included, ‘Calm & engaging, one to watch, makes sure they get back to you, stepped up two tiers, set the benchmark, one of our family.’

Megan Heybourne, customer services, CitySprint Reading


2018 nca office heybourne

Megan Heybourne receives her award

She has been with us for three years and over the last 12 months she has taken on responsibility for day-to-day dealings with some of our most important accounts. Client feedback has been of the highest order; they thoroughly appreciate the extra care and diligence She has shown, it’s clear that she looks after them in an exceptionally professional manner.

“She is always cheery and helpful, no matter how busy the day is. She is knowledgeable and if unable to answer a query immediately, she makes sure that she gets back to you with a solution as soon as she is able. She is a pleasure to deal with, particularly when we are overrun with enquiries, as nothing is too much effort and is dealt with efficiently and with the minimum of fuss.”

“She always conducts herself in a very professional but fun and friendly manner. Always more than happy to go the extra mile to help us. Megan is a credit to her profession and fully deserves recognition for all her hard work. It is a pleasure working with Megan, she is one of the reasons why we hold your company in such high regard.”

Megan is always very flexible and happy to change her start/finish times to ensure Customer Service presence throughout the day. Customer Service is an incredibly important part of what we do - Megan is a major asset.

Jeremy Radbourne, operations manager, Swift Logistics Swindon


2018 nca office radbourne

Jeremy Radbourne receives his award

“25 years of service to one business is outstanding, he is more than an employee, he is part of our family; he truly is inspirational.” He has set the benchmarks for operational and customer service excellence. His exceptional professional skills coupled with a calm and engaging personality have been instrumental not only to the company’s success, but to the benefit of colleagues and clients alike.

He joined as a courier with passion, ability and professionalism. His attitude and ability led him to be promoted within the office. In a short period of time it was clear that this employee had more to offer. His attention to detail, his calm and collective way of dealing with clients and staff saw him promoted to Controller. Over the years he just got better with age. Promoted to Operations Manager overseeing a team of Controllers and Coordinators. It was here he was able to display his considerable people management and mentoring skills

During the last 25 years, we have seen huge changes within the business and industry, yet he has always remained a constant. When the chips are down, there is no one better within this business that can deal with the pressure and demands that is required; he really is our ‘ace in the hole’.


Contract Office Awards


Contract category, working for the express delivery inside or for the client environment, comments include, ‘customer centric individual, compliance was exemplary, care attention and truth, nothing asked is ever too difficult, revolutionised the way we forecast.’

Becky Agent, contract network support, Diamond Logistics Guildford

2018 nca contract office agent

Becky Agent receives her award

A real customer centric individual who has never shied away from giving clients exactly what they need - care, attention and more importantly, the truth (exactly what the industry needs).  A true team player and one committed to giving real value, not only to our head office but to our entire network.

“We are impressed by the way in which the company has embraced change, She has lead the way and taken on new technology and a new business model. With an evident passion for business, people and her community, enabling the growth of our company.”

She’s been a real diamond since joining the business 5 years ago.  She has shown true diversity across a multitude of roles in Cinema Logistics, customer service and now a key role in the ever-growing network.

Amanda Coote, contract support manager, CitySprint London

2018 nca contract office coote

Amanda Coote receives her award

She is affectionately referred to as ‘Mrs Magic’ by the team for her ability to regularly ‘pull rabbits out of the hat’ and go above and beyond when it comes to supporting the team. As her title suggests, her role is to support – but I think it’s fair to say she goes beyond this and the team couldn’t fulfil their jobs without her.

Her exceptional organisational, project management and analysis skills mean we are able to call on her for last minute requests – nothing asked is ever too difficult or short notice to deliver, this is invaluable. Her work creating forecasting templates alone saves us hours, if not days, of work and the tool has revolutionised the way we forecast, analysis and review accounts.

In a recent experience, a client gave us 48 hours to respond to a complex delivery. Despite being in the middle of a large-scale migration project, Amanda made time to support me through creating a response and armed me with the skills to deal with similar requests in future – helping with my own development.

“Amanda is a credit to your company. She is a pleasure to work with, patient and helpful despite lots of last-minute changes that I give her. This award nomination is well-deserved” Client Testimonial.

Jamie Stroud, contract head Overnight Operations, Swift Logistics Newbury

2018 nca contract office stroud

Jamie Stroud receives his award

“A true professional, ambassador and an asset to not only to your business, but also your industry.” Client Testimonial

He joined our company as a warehouse operative 4 years ago - his communications and the understanding of the businesses operational needs, specifically within the Overnight Parcels division of our business, were quickly recognised and after only 4 months he was promoted to the role of PM shift supervisor within this division, where once again his tenacity and commitment to 100% operational compliance was exemplary.

Following a strong performance in his PM shift supervisory role, Jamie then after only 18 months advanced his career to Operations Manager of the Oxford branch, this came at a time of huge operational growth within this division and branch and was handled to such a high standard within this period, that he was again promoted to Head of Overnight Operations. giving Jamie overall control of day to day operations

As we look to the future, its surely a whole lot brighter with Jamie leading from the front and passing on his extremely high standards of operations to the future managers, and not just within our business but to the wider industry.




Military Distinction Award WO2 Toni Hill, 29 Rgt RLC

2018 nca military hill

WO2 Toni Hill receives her award

Warrant Officer Class 2 Toni Hill is a Royal Logistic Corps soldier who has overseen the entirety of the British Forces Post Office network in Germany for the past 30 months; a diverse, dispersed and operationally focussed population approaching 10,000.  As the technical custodian for a courier supply chain comprising a Squadron Headquarters, a central distribution officer and five Forces Post Offices (FPOs), she oversees a team of 30 military and civilian staff with a £6 Million turnover. 

WO2 Hill is an exceptional professional and a natural choice to oversee the courier network for the Army’s largest overseas base.  Her operational experience spans the globe, stretching from the South Atlantic, to Northern Ireland and multiple deployments to the Middle East. 

WO2 Hill invests heavily in subordinate development.  She taking newly qualified, soldiers or those about to deploy on operations and enhancing their trade knowledge through a bespoke training, coaching and mentoring package.  The result is an outstanding service to the military community across the globe.     

Throughout a long and distinguished military career WO2 Hill has consistently delivered an exceptional level of professionalism.  She is a hugely credible role model, with masses of energy and enthusiasm for the courier trade.  She seeks no recognition or reward for her vast efforts.



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