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Qualifications in the Logistics sector

IOC Chair, Carl Lomas,

Qualifications are key to our sector, both for compliance and future workforce, from driver front line to management. The IOC have been working closely with FE colleges, Universities, LEPs and DfE/IFA


IOC has two key qualification routes, management & delivery. For management, IOC is working with Derby University & The University of West London to develop the first-ever undergraduate degree dedicated to our sector. For delivery teams IOC are looking at the apprenticeship replacement qualifications with work on an apprenticeship trailblazer for same day and home delivery couriers. The ‘Courier Trailblazer’  was a phase three application and evolved into ‘Trailblazer Express Delivery’, the standard submitted to BIS for Nov 26th 2015, a framework for delivery is in development. Employer support came from APC to Yodel, nationals from UK Mail to SMEs such as Swift in Liverpool and Rush in London. Awarding bodies supporting are Pearson Edexcel and City & Guilds. IOC attends the AELP (Association of Education and Learning Providers) sector meetings.

The sector is unique with extensive compliance training and testing, from hazardous goods handling to licence. Driver shortage issues are log-jammed around test centres with 12-week diaries for tests (2015). The LEP 2016 European funding may be the next solution to needs around support for the next generation of workforce. The schools message for the next generation is key, taking the message of our sector as a career path. IOC have worked very closely with FE, from West Thames College GTA at Heathrow to Buxton & Leek with their Skillbase driver training centre in the homeland of Sec of State for transport Patrick Mcloughlin.


Copies of sector-relevant standards and qualification documents, including those authored by IoC and other external bodies can be found in the IoC Standards Archive.

IoC is also active in the Education & Training Foundation's Two-Way Street leadership exchange programme - for more details go here

IOC Chair Carl Lomas was at the emfec 2016 Feb 08 conference to hear the headline ‘1/3rd of colleges gone by end of area review rugby scrum.

College principals, governors, teaching practitioners and students for a full house of 240 folk talking Further Education (FE) shop that focused on 'a third of colleges gone by the end of area reviews' and how important the student voice was. Paul Eeles talked 'rugby match on a muddy field', could college mergers include private training providers ? It was howling wind outside and howling inside for a frank and energetic exchange across area review, LEP and devolution.

Stewart Segal AELP, 'Our sector needs to be driven by learners and employers'. Stuart Cutforth Chesterfield College, ‘Area reviews. This is real, radical restructuring.’  Baroness Sharp, ‘Why have we cut cultural learning for adults?’ Gill Clipson AOC. ‘Our advice on area reviews is engage.’ Buxton & Leek College got a mention under the umbrella of the University of Derby.

An energetic exchange. Corridors of trade show from award body to AELP, lashings of tea and coffee, two workshop sessions, three headline panel events and a finish on the Skills Education Group formation news from Paul Eeles ABC awards and Maggie Walker ASDAN.


BIS Apprenticeship Trailblazer focus for Express Delivery courier in the Oxford Newbury area.

Talking shop with IOC Chair Carl Lomas about BIS recognition for Express Delivery courier apprentice trailblazer, Adrian Smith of Swift Couriers (Oxford &  Newbury) explained: ‘Elite couriers, this is where we need to be.’

Adrian Smith, IOC Fellow and owner of Swift - a strong company-owned van fleet, operating PAYE drivers and providing quality service to the West London corridor around the postcodes of Newbury and Oxford with focus on medical services clients. ‘Every driver goes through a detailed induction, 6 months attendance, 6 months specialisation to make the step to one of our elite couriers.’

Adrian is one of the heads of Industry Fellows joining the IOC panel discussions Feb 26th in the City of London with TfL boss Mike Brown. The invitation-only event is before the Fellows' gowning on the same evening at the House of Lords. Call Tracey Worth for details of a diary must-do (07976 263745)

Deputy Director of the joint DfE/BIS Apprenticeships Unit Jennifer Coupland opened: introduction of the new institute for apprenticeships before key focus - ‘end point assessments’ measuring the assessments, quality and comparability both internally and externally. Event closed with an outline from Mark Froud FSSS (fed for sector skills standards) ‘certificate production by FSSS will be mandatory for all trailblazers’


BIS have just launched this month’s surveys on Standards; the Express Delivery standard is now online - click  here to see the survey


Carl Lomas IOC Chair,

I am keen to see feedback into BIS for their online survey. Trailblazer submissions, Express delivery / Courier deadline is Friday, Dec 11th .

Express delivery / courier trailblazer apprenticeship standard was submitted to BIS today (November 26th) by the IOC and signed by the employer group chair, Justin Moore, CitySprint..


The UK Transport and Logistics Sector

A range of critical economic activities are encompassed by the term Transport & Logistics. The world-wide export and import of manufactured goods, the storage, handling and distribution of every product that is sold or purchased through to the collection and delivery of mail and parcels to the home. Without efficient logistics, a local economy will not succeed.

Private sector training providers such as System and TLE offer national entry into the sector, many large logistics companies such as TNT & GIST have their own internal programmes. The sector has a Government skills council, Skill for logistics responsible for qualification development and then there is the SFA funded body, National Skills Academy for Logistics their focus is the delivery of those qualifications for you.

Photo - IOC Chairman carl Lomas with IOC President Lord Falkland and the first draft of framework for the BIS courier trailblazer.


Courier Trailblazer makes its next steps with the first draft of the assessment framework.

A first framework draft is on the web for trailblazer courier apprenticeship.


Courier Trailblazer is ready for the next apprenticeship submission and has the first draft of assessment framework ready. Heads of industry are meeting Oct 27th (preceeding the evening of the National Courier awards) for the next step forward to a solution for workforce shortage in the courier sector.


Courier and Logistics, the next generation,  will you give them a Job?  Representation of a whole sector face a common goal to find the next generation.

From Bibby to CitySprint, Royal Mail to TNT, UK Mail to GLH & Point to Point, City Link to Swift, APC to Rush it was the broadest representation the industry has ever seen at one table of heads of industry.

Nationals, networks and London regional courier logistians with army postal services came together as Heads of Industry to sit for the inaugural meeting to establish the content for the new Honours degree in Logistics at the University of London Metropolitan.


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