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A Table full of support as industry turns out for a new courier qualification.

Friday Feb 12 is the deadline for the submission of the standards to BIS for the all new courier trailblazer apprentice qualification, courier companies turned out in first days of February to show the greatest  support the industry has ever seen.

Heads of the courier industry turned out in force, they were around the table to show their support for the new trailblazer apprenticeship for courier. A route for workforce to join a sector in need. If BIS give it the green light we could have the next generation of couriers in training by summer.

The BIS phase three submission led by employer group chairman Justin Moore of Citysprint and secretaries by Institute of Couriers chairman Carl Lomas have rallied the industry to the table to sign up and be counted in their support for a new qualification to find the next generation of workforce.

The level two qualification aimed at the front line drivers of the industry, focused on customer service and the changing needs of home delivery skills as e-retail continues to break all growth records. A 12 month programme for new entry individuals to find their feet and join teams on the road to support our industry.

Letters of support have been collected from courier companies across the UK, national, network and regional, Major players to Smes have all come in to show support.
Alphabetically from APC to UK Mail, support has come in stronger than ever imagined. The likes of DHL, DX and Fedex are all there alongside regional focus such as GLH and Point to Point in the centre of London.

The new qualification should be a true representation of the employers. During the last twelve months the IOC has organised workshops across the UK for employers to input their views on the workforce training and qualifications they need for the next generation of couriers.

Support beyond the courier companies has also come in from Transport for London and the education institutions. Sir Peter Hendy, boss of Transport for London has given his support.

In a bid for a one stop shop of qualifications for all from walking post delivery through warehouse and driver to courier company management, educational institutes engaged with the sector have also stepped forward to be counted in their support, both college and University. The route of an apprentice through to a masters degree. Marjorie Semple, principle of West Thames, Heathrow, Prof Stephen Perkins London Met Univ and deputy vice chancellor of Derby Univ, Prof Rod Dubrow Marshal have given support bring a unique UK wide view.

Carl Lomas has spoken to the training providers at the association of learning providers AELP sector groups, AELP boss Stewart Segal commented, ‘It is clear the industry is supporting the Courier Trailblazer project’
The awarding bodies of Pearson and City & Guilds are ready to help with the final stage of framework development for the qualification.

If BIS give it the final green light new couriers could be engaged as early as this summer.

The Apprenticeship Standard for Couriers
Occupation:   Courier Driver  Level: 2
Programme duration:  12/18 months is the expected average duration for new entrants
Courier Driver Role: The dramatic growth of internet shopping and the use of portable ICT devices have transformed the work of a courier driver.  Courier drivers use world class equipment and software to provide timed deliveries and collections to homes and businesses.  Couriers have a high level of autonomy and are responsible for a delivery vehicle for which they need to hold an appropriate driving licence.  They must work within the legal and regulatory frameworks for goods vehicle operations and comply with local restrictions .They need to drive safely and operate the vehicle with due regard for vulnerable road users and the environmental impact of their work, minimising fuel use and congestion.  As company ambassadors they must provide a high level of customer service , excellent communication and maintain contact with their traffic office as they respond to changing road and traffic conditions.

Full details of the standard can be requested email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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