Sector Action Plans

Sector action plan reports for D2N2 and LLEP are now available from IoC as the archive of record.

2015 dec d2n2 report2015 dec llep report thumb

Sector Code of Practice 2018

IOCTfL presentation 01.08.18IOC presentation to Roundtable discussion by Irwin Mitchell s Melanie Stancliffe8015342 1180731 IOC linksIOCGLA presentation 01.08.18V2.9 IOC doing the right thing pledge for the express logistics sector

Trailblazer Express Delivery Apprenticeship Standard

The Trailblazer Express Delivery Apprenticeship Standards documents are available here

The Apprenticeship Standard for Express Delivery Operatives 01 12 2016EPA Express Delivery Operative EPA Plan August 2017 v1ST0103 Express Delivery Operative final bandv1.1 2018 June Express driver modules mapped and extendedV2.9 Express manager Degree StandardST0471 ASSESSMENT PLAN EXPRESS DELIVERY MANAGER V6.6 2017 Feb Express EOI for L2 L3 L42017 Feb Express EOI for L7V2.0 Sortation Hub EOI1 Sortation Hub Level 2 description

Traineeship in Logistics1

STAT - Strategic Transport Apprenticeship Taskforce

stat three years of progresstransport infrastructure skills strategy two years ontransport infrastructure skills strategy two years on summarystrategic transport apprenticeship taskforce 1 yr on

Levy legislation

The draft legislation and call for comments is here

DfE SFA Apprenticeship Service publications

Finding the right training providerStep by step guide to the apprenticeship service

DWP Apprenticeships

Apprenticeship Funding reform slides October 2016

Pearson BTEC Level 2 - provisional

BTEC L2 logistics 1BTEC L2 logistics 2

Transport for London / LoCity documents

cycle strategiesmayors transport strategy 2018mayors transport strategy 2018mayors transport strategy 2018

Two-Way Street leadership exchange

TWS CaseStudies Buxton 3

DfT: Reported road casualties Great Britain, annual report: 2015

introduction to the 2015 annual report main results 2015Factors affecting reported road casualties 2015MAIS3 estimates2015 complete report

DfT: Reported road casualties Great Britain, annual report: 2016

rrcgb2016 01


DfT: Road freight summary statistics - Jul 2017 - Jun 2018

road freight statistics july 2017 to june 2018


DfT: VAW Commercial Vehicle Guidance

190320 VAW Commercial Vehicle Guidance


DfT: Future of Mobility: Urban Strategy

dft future of mobility strategy


MCIA MSTP Nov 2016

Freight Traffic Control 2050

Same day delivery market and operations in the UK final version


Opal Weekly CRIP




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