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Loveday Ryder will become the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency's Chief Executive on 1 January 2021.

Whistl has announced that it is to move in to a new 78000 sq. ft. depot at Bristol Patchway in 2021.

The site, which is currently under development, will be used for the company’s business mail and parcel collection and sortation operations for the South West.

Government takes historic step - sales of new petrol and diesel cars and vans to end in the UK by 2030.

£1.3 billion to accelerate the roll-out of chargepoints.

Green number plates for clean vehicles from December 2020.

APC Overnight celebrated its 25th anniversary and this week reported strong results for the 2019/20 financial year, with 18.2% year-on-year growth in gross profit, totalling £18.5 million.

Continuing on its success from the previous year, and further to significant investment in additional sortation capacity at the Cannock hub, this year again saw notable growth in The APC’s ‘Fragile & Liquid’ services, which allowed the business to meet continued consumer demand across the UK for products like craft beers and gins.

2020 National Courier Awards – the COVID year.

‘Recognising people at the heart of final mile delivery’

Viscount Lord Falkland, President Institute of Couriers, IOC, ‘2020 the 24th National Courier Awards: An exceptional year; the COVID year'

IOC Vice President, Sir John Hayes CBE, ‘This year the National Courier Awards has left the traditional IoD platform in Pall Mall - the National Courier Awards is on the road from London to Leeds'

CORONAVIRUS - Express courier - FINAL MILE – A peak we never planned for.

Coronavirus Final Mile – pinch point to delivery

Express sector has been at the heart of sustaining stay-at-home self-isolation delivery for the UK - from food to prescriptions, computers for home-working parcels of every shape and size helping stay at home and now helping Britain return to work.

IOC asks the public to help complete the final mile food delivery, mark your door, ‘I am at home, please knock and leave goods outside




Carl Lomas IOC Chairman

Covid, a period of finest hour for final mile delivery, 200% volumes on the BtoC networks supporting stay at home, self-isolation. A peak never planned, our sector tested beyond any peak we have seen. Cyber Monday every day of the week, the longest peak on record. IOC campaign asking the public to mark their doors and help keep our drivers safe at the doorstep; delivery without contact.


Tracey Worth, IOC CEO

Mapping the express courier, trunk and none trunk networks. The IOC worked to link resource to need across the sector – Final mile, food, medical, prescription, work-at-home goods, parcels of every shape and size to help stay at home isolation.

Express courier supporting the client chain has proven resilience to deliver; from national networks to regional and local owner-operator couriers. The sector will be recognised at the National Courier Awards on Oct 20th.


Click read more below and take a look at the IOC final mile code of practice - launched by the IOC for Easter Weekend; a new code reinforcing the existing IOC best-practice code of values.

Bumper IOC Sunday emails have provided the sector with weekly COVID-19 updates, from Cabinet Office through DfT, DVSA and DWP as well as fellows' Zoom meetings and newsflash updates.

Sector expert on employment status and furlough, Alan Lewis of Constantine Law has briefed fellows every step of the way.

42% will not return to High Street

Shopping online is the new normal for 64% of UK.

Truck, van and cargo cycle for pandemic freight delivery.

Diversity of workforce win in the access to clean air vehicles.

Old school round table feel for virtual meeting rich in operators' knowledge for alternative fuel vehicles.



- Transport for London (TfL) and London Councils have launched a competition to select up to three operators for a twelve-month trial of rental e-scooters
- Trial is open to all London boroughs that want to join
- E-scooter rental trials could begin in spring next year

We are starting to see more and more e-scooters on roads and pathways. IOC chairman Carl Lomas took a look at e-scooters in Vienna. Lomas comments, ‘road safety is clearly the top issue when looking at scooters.’


DfT announce £175 million more for cycling and walking as research shows public support

Survey reveals 8 out of 10 people support measures to reduce road traffic; two-thirds support reallocating road space for active travel.