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There are two IOC must-do dates for your diary in Q4 2019

Heads of Industry Sept 17th - National Courier Awards Oct 15th.

New step by GLA brings sole trader status eligibility

ULEZ scrappage scheme looked flawed for courier, final mile van drivers; a first draft asked for VAT or company registration - a final mile driver had to be Ltd or VAT registered, (£85k threshold).

Alex Williams TfL talked 'giving the money away' at last week's TfL freight forum.

We repeat the extract below and re-list the Ford scrappage deal. First we bring news that GLA no longer ask for VAT or company registration for owner-drivers. GLA-TfL scrappage, get a Ford and win a double-bubble ULEZ solution.

IOC at Broadway SW1 for STAT 2019 annual report launch. Three years of progress – apprentices at the heart of logistics.

Carmen education bursary goes to DPD trailblazer candidate.

The STAT 2019 annual report was launched this week by Mike Brown, Transport for London. ‘The third annual report marks over eight thousand apprentices in logistics since STAT began in 2016.’

Words from minister Nusrat Ghani on the sector's engagement and a full house to talk trailblazer apprentices in logistics.

Download the 2019 report alongside the previous two yearly reports from the IOC archive here

 Not a seat left in the house for July sunshine freight forum at TfL Palestra House for July 3rd with opening keynote by Mike Brown.

ULEZ compliance impact and Vision Zero road to safety with 59 road deaths so far this year this year

Julian Allen asked the low-powered two-wheel accident question.

IOC continue to point out there is no challenge of understanding the Highway Code for a rider delivering food; a CBT is compulsory, but you don’t have to pass the theory test to ride on the road while making a living.

Clean air is not just London's issue; it's not just ULEZ London. Megan Black at Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is running a seven-week clean air conversation which closed midnight, Sunday 30 June

IOC have asked TfGM for dedicated final mile delivery parking for low and zero-emission vehicles, to encourage the business case for the next generation vans.

IOC keynote with Next plc

Taking the room photo, Highways England to the DfT, Tracey Worth opened her keynote to the work-related road safety committee with an explanation of the 500-year tradition of cartmarking, the relevance to today's taxation and regulation of congestion and ULEZ charging to the purveyor of goods.

Three years in the making. Full House of Freight Logistics in the City of London

Fast Green & Free deliveries, overcoming the Last Mile Challenge

FTC Freight Traffic Control conference in the City of London

Institute of Couriers fellows and team were in the City of London this week, Tuesday in a full-house multi-modal audience focused on final mile.

Curly Wurly special for fifth year delivery speed question?

Next-generation Inclusion for logistics workforce.

Carmen Cartboard 500-year journey to ULEZ.

The ‘A’ list diary slot for logistics at the NEC; IOC fellows were in strength at the NEC for Multimodal.

Take a tour of the show from your laptop on our exclusive IOC Gallery below...

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DfT STAT next-generation logistics workforce at NEC

Tracey Worth talked DfT STAT next generation workforce inclusion on the IOC stand at Multimodal in the NEC.

Who is STAT? who are we and what do we do? Being at Multimodal was about taking away and doing that one thing, start your journey today, sign the pledge commitment board for diversity today, here before you leave. Placing 86 employer commitments here today.


The Carmen Cartboard was displayed on the IOC Honda 1976 courier bike – fellows and visitors to the ‘A’ list logistics trade show got a first-hand introduction to the transport livery and its five hundred years of sector history.

The Cartboard showcased the earliest form of vehicle taxation, clean streets five hundred years before clean air and ULEZ.