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‘A truly incredible milestone.’

Hermes UK has appointed a highly experienced and effective Chief People Officer as part of its commitment to investing in its people as the business continues to grow and transform.

Penny Garnett will take up the newly created role, working alongside the Executive Committee, to lead Hermes UK’s people strategy and vision working with Jill Maples in her new role of People and Culture Director.

August 2021, developers Prologis handed Royal Mail the keys to the million parcel a night, Midlands Parcel Hub to begin the internal fit out of the Daventry-based hub.

1099 km without intermediate charge.

DPD, ‘We are Guinness World Record holders! After 1099 km, 23 hours and 392 laps at the Contidrom.'


CV Show – £16 for the car park!

Void shells – empty space – lots of electric van.

VN5 electric taxi van at front of house.


UPS are at the official Expo 2020 Dubai, they are showcasing the debut of the Fernhay e-quad.

Less than three feet wide, the four-wheeled electric-assist cycle is catering to complex urban deliveries allowing the driver to easily move through congested narrow streets and to pedal in bike/cycle lanes.

Financial targets exceeded with record volumes achieved

Mike Hancox, CEO of Yodel, commented: “FY21 has been the most successful year in Yodel’s 13-year history, delivering a profit well beyond all forecasts."

Roll-out of ‘Click and Collect’ services across the UK

From next week, DPD will deliver parcels directly to Post Offices, providing a convenient location for people to collect their purchases.

Pre Covid-19 pandemic, the ‘Click and Collect’ market had been growing at 14% a year and demand is now expected to increase as businesses implement ‘return to workplace’ policies over the coming weeks and millions of people are less likely to work from home five days a week.

The partnership is a demonstration of the Post Office strategy to open its network to new carriers and increase footfall for Postmasters, with the ancillary in-store purchases this comes with, as well as to High Streets more broadly.

As the Government prepares for the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow, this partnership between UK’s biggest retail network and leading logistics carrier delivers environmentally sustainable benefits as multiple parcels get delivered to one single location for collection

UPS Flight Forward adds innovative new BETA aircraft, enhancing capabilities and network sustainability

Beta Technologies’ electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft is set to land on-property at UPS facilities in small and mid-size markets.

Flexible, sustainable solution to reduce air network emissions; recharging station can also be used with electric-powered ground vehicles.

Subject to regulatory clearance.’

The largest UK sameday courier company, CitySprint will become part of DPDgroup, subject to regulatory clearance.