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A New Year, a New Start.
The Logistics and Passenger Transport Campaign 22nd January – 2nd February 2018.

Jobs that Move - Institute of Couriers chairman, Carl Lomas talks stairways and routes in Job Centre national masterclass call on Express logistics.

Our sector needs more workforce, we need our next generation, we are asking JCP for help.


Put a pineapple on your JCP desk and pass on my message: logistics is a job for life.


Speaking to the DWP – Job Centre Plus - National Jobs that Move conference, Carl Lomas asked for help,

We need more next-generation workforce in Express logistics.

ASOS CEO Nick Beighton said,

We achieved an exceptional performance in the UK, while momentum in international sales continued.

We acquired 2.6 million active customers year on year and saw encouraging movements across all key customer KPIs. Velocity in our technology programmes continued, with a record number of releases.

Our customer proposition was further enhanced in the U.K. with the launch of Try Before You Buy and ASOS Instant, our same day delivery proposition.

IOC fellow and CitySprint boss Patrick Gallagher comments,

Very proud to support Asos and provide ultimate delivery convenience with our same day delivery service On the dot UK . It is not rocket science. Delivery convenience and faster delivery support shopping habits of consumers such as impulse buying. The retailer said its UK sales benefitted from the launch of same-day delivery and "Try Before You Buy".

Yodel, January news is Andrew Peeler new chief executive officer.

The announcement follows a successful Christmas peak for Yodel, which saw a 20% improvement in its TrustPilot rating and an average customer satisfaction score of 82% during its busiest period.

Dick Stead, chairman remains. Andrew Peeler joined Yodel from the fastest growing Bupa unit in ANZ, and prior to that was involved in the turnaround of one of Bupa’s largest businesses.

Earlier in his career, he played a key role in a successful transformation acquisition for Cadbury Schweppes in the USA and the financial recovery of Premier Foods.

Andrew joined Yodel  in September as chief financial officer, has previously held several senior executive and board positions  in Europe, America and Australia at international blue chip companies including Unilever, Cadbury Schweppes, Premier Foods and Bupa.

He has broad commercial and financial experience and has been pivotal in both expanding and turning big businesses around.

Chris Grayling stays as Secretary of State and Jesse Norman and Baroness Sugg also stay. Jo Johnson (brother of Boris Johnson) has replaced John Hayes as Minister of State and Nusrat Ghani has replaced Paul Maynard.

Jo Johnson MP – Minister of State and Minister for London

·         Rail

·         Industrial Relations

·         London

The Parliamentary Under-Secretaries of State (PUSS) are...

Patrick Gallagher, CitySprint group chief executive,

Since the launch of our green fleet August 2017, we’ve already cut back on our CO2 emissions by as much as 10 tonnes. The trial of a hydrogen van is on a long list of environmentally friendly vehicles we have tested over the years. We hope that, along with our growing cargo bike fleet, this can prove to be a sustainable option and continue our commitment to reducing air pollution across the UK cities we operate in.

In the latest push to reduce carbon emission output, CitySprint are delighted to announce for 2018 that they will be trialling a hydrogen van to complete same day deliveries within London. (Jan 30 Logistics summit at Heathrow will further showcase the green eco-drive)

Sam Norman TfL

ULEZ is not the end game, let's talk zero emission.

Sadiq Khan's Mayor's London Transport Policy is setting what is probably the most ambitious clean air policy in the World and its dot com vans are the only vehicle sector rising on London roads in the shadow of exploding e-retail.

There was not a word on consolidation as focus remains on the exhaust pipe for clean London air.


Institute Of Couriers chair Carl Lomas, ‘Lets never forget it's our drivers at the coal face who are breathing this air.’


Department of Transport keeps its Secretary of State but there is change in the ministers.

The DfT ministerial was finalised this morning, (Wed 10th January) but the portfolios are yet to be confirmed.

Chris Grayling stays as Secretary of State and Jesse Norman and Baroness Sugg also stay.

Jo Johnson, brother of Boris Johnson, has replaced John Hayes as Minister of State and Nusrat Ghani has replaced Paul Maynard.

9,000 deaths in London due to air pollution.

Chair of the Institute of Couriers, Carl Lomas chairs the LoCity van group for TfL, the first meeting of 2018 in the City of London was hosted by London Met University at their Moorgate Campus Jan 10th. 

LoCity is all about clean air, Mayor of London is set to tackle air pollution; nine thousand deaths have been attributed to poor air quality in the last twelve months.

The van group for LoCity has become electric-centric but gas, heavy and light gets a look-in.

Lomas opened with some context from past meetings. ‘It's clear we have two types of operated vehicles, fleets returning to a base where alternative fuel or charge can be stored, then individual operators working from home where a far greater kerb side challenge faces refuelling with alternative fuels.’

Infrastructure - charging and fuel points - was voted the number one concern by the LoCity Van group in 2017.

Lomas as chair integrated the attendees to engage, air their individual concerns and take a wide look at solutions in an open and frank round room discussion that has become a key feature event of the group's steps forward.


John Hayes CBE MP, Minister of State for Transport Legislation & Maritime at the DfT has resigned today (09 Jan 2018) . He will be replaced by Jo Johnson MP who moves from BEIS where his portfolio included Universities, Science, Research & Innovation.

The Junior Minister's responsibilities include

    -taxi policy
   - transport legislation and Parliamentary liaison and coordination
    -transport skills
    -maritime policy

On-line sales for Christmas Day are expected to go over £800 million this year. Boxing Day looks big and looks set to impact on the tradition of visiting the High Street to walk off the Christmas pudding. We look to stay in-doors and shop by mobile on Boxing Day.

e-retail looks set to steal ground on the tradition of Boxing Day High Street walking exercise at the sales. It also looks like 40% of Boxing Day e-retail sales will be by mobile in the growing shift from laptop.