Driver simulator switch-on at Heathrow

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Information technology and education to provide next-generation workforce at Heathrow.

IT Master Connects up for driver simulation for System Training in the Heathrow logistics hotspot at West Thames College logistics excellence event.

Inst of Couriers chair, Carl Lomas was at the van simulator education launch with Colin Gordon, the information Technology livery Master Chris Histed, West Thames college principal Tracy Aust and West London University Matt Snowdon.  A logistics hot-spot for next generation final mile workforce, combined with TfL LoCity event and a college open day to showcase to students a stairway of trailblazer qualifications in Express from driver to degree apprenticeship in the new land of levy.



Information technology Master, Chris Histed was delighted with what he saw.

Colin Gordon commented,

I explained to the Master the simulator ran on software developed by Scania that included a Driver Competition, Free Driving simulation, Multi Drop deliveries, challenging driving locations, and reaction time tests. The high quality graphics simulate real driving environments, including introducing to potential or new drivers the challenges of manoeuvring a 40 foot trailer around urban, rural, and industrial areas.


David Cormack at System Training explained,

Student engagement was high with most of the candidates who took part in a timed competition around a challenging course in a cramped and littered yard seeming completely absorbed in the scenario or cheering on fellow competitors.

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