IOC approved for external quality assurance for the Express Apprenticeships

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Supporting the external quality audit of express logistics apprenticeships, the DFE advised the Institute of Couriers this week that the IFA Decision Panel approved an application for the IOC to join the Employer Directory for Express Logistics apprenticeships.



The Express Apprenticehips began as courier under BIS, before todays representation of Express to include the streams of mail, parcel and food final mile. IOC acted as secretariat to the operator panel writing standards for delivery operative and express manger, drawing together operator experts for sector best practice input. The IOC role shifts to external quality and providing expert guidance on content and delivery of the apprenticeships for our final mile, last mile delivery to the door.

Helen Bingham, employer directory senior manager commented,

The Employer Directory Decision Panel approved the IOC application to join the Directory, that covers the use of industry experts to carry out external quality assurance activity (EQA) activities.


Tracey Worth at IOC commented,

It's important to get sector value into the apprenticeships - knowledge about rural and urban density for final mile, the customer promise, 'first time every time' KPI measures, sound route geography and a vision of streams: from mail to parcel, food and meal to door. Dog attack remains high on the health & safety skills for door, network trunked and linehaul is a key understanding in the IOC triangle map of sector. Candidates who complete the apprenticeships with approved providers can apply to the Institute of Couriers for membership status accreditation; we hope this will help with future recognition and job progression across the sector.