Logistics excellence at Heathrow with System simulator launch

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Leyland DAF gas by Mercury alongside M25 consolidation by Top Flight with System Training van simulator at West Thames College Leyland DAF gas by Mercury alongside M25 consolidation by Top Flight with System Training van simulator at West Thames College

LoCity van group at Logistics knowledge and best practice for final mile showcase, Heathrow Jan 25

Heathrow for logistics excellence day, technology, teaching and table in a one stop shop all things logistics at Heathrow. LoCity Van group, alternative fuel vehicle showcase, IT Livery master launches electronic van simulator, express final mile degree apprenticeship round table. It was a full house of final mile, knowledge exchange and best practice showcase.


LoCity van group chaired by Carl Lomas Inst of Couriers were one of the key groups hosted at the event by West Thames College at their dedicated logistics learning centre in Feltham.



LoCity Van group – Beyond pure cost, how do we value green?

In a variation from the central London venues, the Heathrow event gave space for an alternative fuel vehicle showcase, hydrogen, hybrid, gas & electric, van, taxi and truck vehicles from Arcola to Nissan, all hands on for a first-hand look. Final mile operators taking the tour included Ocado, TNT, CitySprint, Top Flight, Prestige and Addison Lee. It was real world showcase at first hand with bonnets up and fuel cells on show.

LoCity round table meeting opened with a buoyant exchange of introductions generated by chair Carl Lomas, strong interaction, input and debate set the scene from the start. Fergus Worthy lead for TfL as LoCity were welcomed to the logistics excellence day by college principal Tracy Aust. Tracy talked next generation workforce and learning to use next generation fuel vehicles. Round table discussion was infrastructure and charging at the top of the list. Gross vehicle weight news was high on the agenda with latest DfT report set to allow battery weight. Sarah Wixey spoke T charge & ULEZ, Venn dealt with updates for GLA. Discussion continued on niche vehicles, reliability and next generation technology, gas, electric and hybrid all took slots, this was not electric-centric, Daren Walmsley Top Flight talked consolidation as a clean air solution for M25 to west end. MOT exemption for electric trucks listed. Latest MOT change possibilities to four years and biannual there-after were all on the discussion platform.

After a very interactive network break and lunch provided by West Thames College the LoCity van group went workshop to look in detail at knowledge providing vehicle choice for those outside the conventional users of alternative fuel. Steve Carroll from Cenex asked input detail for a new tool for users to identify need and best fit for evolving alternative fuel vehicles. A solution to measure and understand economics of alternative fuel over time and cost. A tool helping others make the choice for vehicle and fuel solution, judging what was future and what was market ready today.

Beyond the cost of alternative fuel. Carl Lomas spoke passionately, ‘Not everyone judges alternative fuel on economic cost, we must measure clean air, its more than pure cost decisions, people are asking for choice of getting green. The tool needs a score for real green!’

LoCity van group sits quarterly, draft date for next meeting is March 29, Central London.

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2017 news jan heathrow nissan electric

Nissan 100% electric

2017 news jan heathrow top flight tnt arcola

Top Flight Watford and TNT talk hydrogen with Arcola.

2017 news jan heathrow mercury gas volvo

Mercury gas solution for Leyland DAF

2017 news jan heathrow snowdon aust histed

Gas taxi education for West London Univ Matt Snowdon, West Thames College principal Tracy Aust and Master of the Information Technology livery Chris Histed.
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