IOC hand out safety recognition at NEC Motorcycle Live Bike Show

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IOC stayed late at the bike show for the MCIA AGM, chief exec Steve Kenward ran a Scrabble game as MCIA team stood proud and tall to talk success in the letters of the alphabet. The bash began with A for Awards and first up was MCIA win at the National Courier Awards...

...for road safety, Karen Coles took stage in the letters as IOC chair Carl Lomas re-presented the IOC safety award amongst the guests of the Motorcycle Industry Association, ranging from the bike manufactures to the chief police officers. The MCIA team ran the whole alphabet with 2015 wins for two wheels that had seen sales up, year on year and quality driven with a safety message that two wheels was a solution for future roads.

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MCIA two-wheel safety  win for Karen Coles