Trailblazer Workshop for Express sits at Heathrow

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Justin Moore CitySprint talks trailblazer degree apprenticeships with TNT, Addison Lee and Top Flight at Heathrow table Justin Moore CitySprint talks trailblazer degree apprenticeships with TNT, Addison Lee and Top Flight at Heathrow table

Express Manager Degree Apprenticeship Trailblazer workshop for Express employers sits at Heathrow.

Latest version of standard updated from January one-to-one employer meetings and the Heathrow employer workshop.

Help review the standard before submission on Feb 23

There have been a number of operational one-to-one meetings with employers and workshops north and south leading to the present draft standard, it's not too late to have your say and your input is very welcome to the group. V2 Standard here.

Express Trailblazer chair Justin Moore was at the Heathrow table to talk level six degree apprenticeships for the final mile, home delivery managers of the future.

This is about delivery, express delivery, final mile, delivering to customer chain in an evolving market of client requirements from e-retail.


IOC chair and Express employer group secretary Carl Lomas,

Express manager is not about storage, warehouse or supply purchase, this is about fulfilling final mile transport demand to customer for an evolving, new and exploding sector of logistics.

Hosting the workshop, Tracy Aust, Principal West Thames College comments

These trailblazers provide a fantastic opportunity to really meet the needs of one of the fastest growing sectors. From provision at level 2 through to provision at level 6, they offer a career path for those just entering the sector as well as providing opportunities and career progression for those employees that we already have working within the sector. The on-the-job training, provides the perfect mix to earn as you learn!



The Express trailblazer group used Heathrow Logistics Excellence event at West Thames College, Heathrow to host a Trailblazer working group meeting.  The group has a level two standard for express delivery cleared with BIS DfE and a level 6 degree apprenticeship in draft, various workshops in 2017 from Leeds to London have been polishing the draft as a fit-for-purpose representation from a very strong employer group representing nationals, regional and SME courier and express operators as levy land races towards delivery. Levels three and four are also ready for EOI and cover road to sortation hub.

Heathrow logistics excellence day was a perfect spot to review the level six degree with West London University, Matt Snowdon was on hand to explain the learning route to employers, outline the timetable of knowledge, focus employers to recognise this as on-the-job development for managers in the sector. Reviewing a one-stop shop for employers trailblazer needs, college principal Tracy Aust opened for West Thames College and Colin Gordon spoke for System Training private provision as an AELP member.

Employers are looking for a one-stop solution of grade and geographic for Trailblazer delivery across the UK

Employers including, City Sprint, Addison Lee, Top Flight and TNT were at the Heathrow table to add views on the next generation manger qualifications for Express. The draft headline of the standard is expected to be submitted to BIS DfE IFA for the end of February deadline by IOC for group chair Justin Moore.

Express Delivery Manager, Level 6

Programme duration: The apprenticeship will take a minimum of 24 months to complete.

Role: The dramatic changes to the UK’s logistics sector brought about by the advent and rapid growth of internet sales have created demand for a new breed of logistics professional with the skills needed to source, locate and deliver goods to precise and demanding delivery specifications – the Express Delivery Manager.  This Standard sets out the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed by the senior managers in the technology led, fast paced, 24/7 world of Express Deliveries.  These are not the traditional skills of warehouse management and vehicle fleet management, but the skills of data analysis, real time business planning and time critical decision making. All Apprentices are required to gain and maintain all of the knowledge set out in this Standard, irrespective of their current or initial job role and duties.


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Employer in Express get serious on degree apprentice for next generation managers with Matt Snowdon West London university, ‘Express is not about supply chain purchase, storage of goods, its about skills in final mile and urgent road logistics routing and scheduling.’
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