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Carl Lomas in Express Trailblazer talks with Royal Mail

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Carl Lomas Trailblazer sec, Chair of IOC meets Royal Mail Group Head of  Organisational Talent and Diversity, Liza Strong to talk express trailblazer Carl Lomas Trailblazer sec, Chair of IOC meets Royal Mail Group Head of Organisational Talent and Diversity, Liza Strong to talk express trailblazer

Express trailblazer Royal Mail meeting for a sector recognising walking post to white van in the evolving and exploding platform of express delivery.

IOC chairman Carl Lomas met Liza Strong, director for talent at the Victoria Embankment offices of the Royal Mail to talk about the Trailblazer Express group developing qualifications ready for levy.

Carl Lomas, acting as BIS employer group sec for Express trailblazers explored the alignment of the existing Express level two Trailblazer to engage walking post in the level 2 qualification. This was a key sector the employer had already reviewed to be in the standard. The standard covers skills from customer service to compliance, an end point assessment developed with award body Pearson using a Q&A, simulated job issues (failed delivery, dealing with returns, damaged parcels) and a viva interview recognising  an individual’s delivery log, work book or record of deliveries. The standard covers all express courier job roles from walking express delivery through trolley, cycle, bike and van.



Liza explained Royal Mail is one of the largest employers in the UK (over 150,000 employees) the delivery team exceeds seventy thousand.

Carl detailed the new Trailblazer qualifications and levy, companies exceeding three million pounds will be asked to pay half a per-cent into levy for training, the Royal Mail levy is likely to be more than twenty million pounds. This will engage substantial numbers of the sector in training to drive forward the next generation of express workforce to the evolving platform of exploding numbers in e-retail and home delivery of goods purchased online.

The express sector is rapidly evolving into a dedicated career role in logistics, this is not the territory of supply chain purchasing, nor is it the job of storage or warehouse, express focuses on urgent transportation, there is no storage of goods in giant warehouses and no team purchasing or planning stock movements.

Beyond the level two Trailblazer lies a level 6 degree apprentice for management in the express sector focused on sortation and network routing of express deliveries. The degree apprenticeship is in development alongside an existing logistics degree with the University of Derby in the East Midlands hot spot of transport, LEP D2N2 have named the inspirational postcode, (80% of UK within 4 hours of East Midlands airport by road). A level 3 recognises mentors in the team who will pass existing knowledge to colleagues and a level 4 focuses on supervisory roles in sortation and routes.

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