STAT - Meeting the demand for skilled people in transport

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Govt taskforce meeting the demand for skilled people in transport.

Apprenticeships in Transport taskforce at 55 Broadway with the Minister, Mike Brown & john Holland-Kaye with govt dept heads.

The Strategic Transport Apprenticeship Taskforce (STAT) The report title: Transport Infrastructure Skills Strategy met in the July sunshine of Wed 12th july. A one year on showcase of the progress so far that is truly multi-modal - road, rail and air.



Mike Brown speaking for TfL and John Holland-Kaye boss of Heathrow for air was in attendance. Mike Brown welcomed the Minister John Hayes to this gathering to celebrate the first year of apprenticeships within transport infrastructure skills.

John Hayes spoke passionately about apprenticeships in transport. ‘2,000 apprenticeships delivered already. It is for us to deliver the right skills for those to achieve the most of their career’

Quote from  Ruskin 'The government has to, should provide wholesome and meaningful work for individuals. Thank you for being here to join me in that new Jerusalem to elevate apprenticeships in the workforce.'

STAT was established in April 2016 to deliver on the ambition of the Transport Infrastructure Skills Strategy. This report, (event this evening) sets out our response to that ambition: work undertaken over the course of the first year; what we have learnt; and how we will continue to meet some of the challenges we have encountered.

Our work has shown that transport is on the front foot in responding to skills shortages, and we can clearly see opportunities right across the sector. There is even more imperative to redouble efforts as we develop our plans for productivity and growth post-Brexit Britain. Road freight could generate up to 15,000 apprenticeships next year alone. During the first year some 2,000 apprenticeships were created through direct leavers. Our modelling shows our need is in a range of 27,000 - 35,000 apprenticeships to 2022.

Carl Lomas , chair of the Institute of Couriers, ‘Royal Mail are looking at a sample of one thousand apprenticeships to trial the new Express qualification at level 2.’


Read the DfT full report here

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