Last days of December - A proud moment for the sector

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West London and Derby Vice Chancellors set to draft the standards completing a full stairway from front line driver to Express manager. West London and Derby Vice Chancellors set to draft the standards completing a full stairway from front line driver to Express manager.

Next generation workforce success for exploding final mile!

IOC president, Lord Falkland,

This is a solution to the next generation workforce in final mile and we should be proud of the dedication of employers in the sector who have given time, expertise and energy to reach this goal for our sector.

Breaking New Year news will report the details but here is a shot from the front page with the ink still wet.  Success for next generation front line final mile. BIS, Dept for Education have cleared the Trailblazer level two standard for delivery.



Carl Lomas IOC Chair, sec to the Trailblazer employer group comments,

This is a milestone of success for the employer group. A team effort of every letter of the alphabet in our sector, APC to Yodel. More than twenty years since the first NVQs in transport, the Trailblazer level two is cleared to go. This is the next generation workforce funded to enter our sector. Developed by employers for employers. From walking post to heavy van. The qualification is funded under levy, free to the candidates, 90%  fees supported to SMEs, it's time to engage, join us at the Heathrow master class Jan 25th with the Minister or at the Heads of Industry Feb 10th.

Justin Moore Citysprint, Trailblazer chair,

Outstanding news for the new year and our sector, the level two will support our front line, I am also delighted to see academic support for the degree apprenticeship in express Manager, Universities of West London, Derby, LMU, Staffordshire, SHU & MMU are on board to see a geographic spread of delivery for the leaders of our evolving and expanding sector.

The level two trailblazer in Express delivery will be a one year programme for final mile delivered under the Dept for Education's apprenticeships, developed by the employer group chaired by Justin Moore and secretaried by the IOC from the phase two application, born in the D2N2 LEP inspirational postcode.

Pearson Edexcel have developed end point assessment EPA, including multiple choice knowledge test, a practical simulation and a viva interview, professional discussion, which together provide a robust process to ensure a consistent outcome.

    -Multiple choice test taking at least 30 minutes and 60 minutes maximum covering knowledge in the following areas of the standard; technical operations, finance, safety and contingency plans.
    -Role Simulation/observation: One hour, practical role simulation/observation, selected from a menu list of six possible scenarios.
    -Professional Discussion: Structured discussion taking between 30 minutes and one hour between the apprentice and independent end assessor to establish the apprentice’s understanding and application of knowledge, skills and behaviours focusing on how they have performed during the apprenticeship and their overall achievement of the standard. The apprentice must collect supporting evidence (e.g. from their portfolio) to bring to the professional discussion to illustrate performance throughout the programme of study.

Trailblazer express delivery at level two - Full standard and unit mapping delivery is on the IOC web in a dedicated Trailblazer stream. Jan 25th and Feb 10th will provide key industry briefing dates.

Beyond the level two comes mentor at level three and supervisor in Express at level four, level six is a degree Apprenticeship already passed expression of interest, EOI with BIS DfE and on route to 2017 delivery.



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