TfL LoCity Conference London June 15 - Van subgroup meeting chaired by Carl Lomas

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‘An electric centric audience’ -  Full house, standing room only, Southwark  Bridge Road, tech folk alongside operators and the TfL team to talk clean air solutions for Van in London.

Carl Lomas opened with clarity on the exploding numbers of home deliveries that were driving white vans into London. TfL Glen Davies had detailed 59% of white vans were in private registration. It is a challenge to communicate to these drivers. Sarah Wixey explained the present research for LoCity on various tech issues between fuels from hydrogen to gas, light and heavy, mixed fuel vehicles and electric. Lomas outlined the most eco-friendly cargo machine, cargo bikes, electric, assist and pedal. Venn Chesterton TTR set working tables to talk around the issues of what is a van, size, weight, purpose and job. How should it be defined to the wider commercial user. Operators asked for strong network time, Lomas extended the timescales to see tech folk talk to operators and exchanged best practice.



2016 news jun locity chesterton lomas wixey

TfL LoCity van group team, TfL TTR Venn Chesterton , Chair Carl Lomas IOC & Sarah Wixey LoCity TfL

2016 news jun locity amanda lyne

Amanda Lyne spoke dual fuel hydrogen for ULEMCo

2016 news jun locity networking

Lomas answered the request for more networking time.

2016 news jun locity andrew lowery chris jones

Andrew Lowery TNT – Chris Jones BD Auto and energy
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