EDX 2016 - eDelivery Expo at the NEC

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IOC chair, Carl Lomas, spoke at EDX 2016 at the NEC IOC chair, Carl Lomas, spoke at EDX 2016 at the NEC

IOC fellows in Birmingham, two trade shows, a keynote lecture and a heads of industry meeting in the Top 500 lounge.

EDX theme was S-O-L-D, Supply Chain, Operations, Logistics & Delivery. Behind the buy button to support multichannel retail. Making a perfect diary date clash with the Commercial Vehicle Show, it was a short walk on the travelator to take in everything from vehicle to shed across four halls of the NEC.

From the big red machine of Royal Mail in the CV show alongside APC and final mile electric Gnewt, back on the travelator for EDX to see DX, Hermes and even Coreos alongside the likes of Flexi and Knapp in the EDX show. Inst of Couriers rallied Fellows for chairman Carl Lomas who delivered a keynote lecture on e-retail from a perspective of road final mile. Lomas used his iconic pineapple representation to showcase delivery around the world and to home address via sortation sheds, road, rail air and sea.


Is Final Mile e-Retail Sustainable?

‘The sector numbers for express delivery are exploding.’ ‘and evolving’

A model to sustain Final Mile e-Retail in 2020

My statement at IntralogisteX was ‘Final Mile e-Retail will not be sustainable by 2020’. My statement for EDX is ‘Final mile solutions will be delivered by a new layer.’ ‘Consolidation is feasible in third party platforms.’  ‘Third party consolidation partners using LoCITY technologies will be common to many cities in 2020’  heads of Industry discussions followed in the Top 500 lounge.

2016 news may eDelivery expo hermes

Hermes at EDX 2016

2016 news may eDelivery expo dx

DX at eDelivery EXPO 2016