MCIA Industry Day - Working together to promote, protect and expand the motorcycle industry.

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Steve Kenward CEO MCIA at Donnington Industry day Steve Kenward CEO MCIA at Donnington Industry day

IOC chair Carl Lomas was at Donington Park raceway for the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) strategy day with member companies and the two-wheel dealer networks.

A focused delivery of data with a Bank of England insight into the economy.  Launch of Parc data, knowledge beyond new registrations, second-hand and off-road for a full world view of two-wheelers.

Expert advice on electric - when is it not a push bike? Motivation big time with a look at the success of NEC Motorcycle live show.

This was a full house packed to the rafters, nearly 150 folk, free access to the Grand Prix museum and the roar of superbikes howling around the track outside. This was a two-wheel day not to be missed.



MCIA boss, Steve Kenwood opened,

Today is an insight into what’s going on for our sector. We have never been in such strength of opportunity for the next stage of two wheels. The image of motorcycling is softening and becoming more acceptable to society at large. We need to promote, protect and expand the industry. Putting motorcycling on the agenda.  We need to get in front of the curve to try and understand what the future may hold.  We need members to be ambassadors for the motorcycle safety and transport framework. ‘More motorcycles make safer roads.

The motorcycle market is expanding with new registrations, great strength in 125s, the Get On campaign must be working, there are new riders on the road. This is no longer a 150mph rider sports bike world. Other categories are strong, trial, naked and adventure bikes are all doing well. The 125 growth sees two wheels as ‘acceptable and a utilisation of a sensible form of transport.'  What do these changes mean to the industry? The sector so far, economic worth of the motorcycle industry 7.3 billion pounds in the UK; 5,700 businesses; 58,000 people working in the industry; 16,400 additional associated workers in the industry.

Steve Kenward joined with Andrew Ballard of Experian to launch Parc. Data beyond new registrations, adding second hand machines into the mix, a real world view of everything two wheels. 2016 Market Forecast. 124,359 registration figures. Steve Kenward, ‘We can do much better than this forecast!’

Alastair Cunningham Bank of England. Delivered a master class on the state of the economy under Chatham House rules that talked about inflation, oil commodity price, interest rates and where the UK was going. A fascinating insight private to the room that left dealers and manufacturers very confident about the future.

Chris Hodder on type approval, It's a government approval for a vehicle type. Construction safety and emissions limits. Vehicle Certification Authority VCA. A vehicle has a VCA document to register it with an EU state. Euro 4 rules arrived Jan 2016, No1682013.  Under 125cc must have headlights on. Emissions limits compliance. Fuel consumption and CO2 details on paperwork. Over 125cc must have ABS, under 125 can choose.

Dave Luscombe, When is a bicycle not a bicycle, electric or not! A frank portrayal followed on the evolving market of electric push bikes from 250w / 1000w / 4000w and an electric mountain bike outside any licence or road regs. Where do cargo bikes stand, commercial vehicles without regulations? 250w unregistered, 15.5mph, no licence, helmet or registration. A second category for the speed bike, 1000w and then a third category to 4000w 28 mph.  L1e-B. Exactly the same as a moped. Increasing sales in the UK. A Pedelec. Sold as one thing but can be changed into something else. Dave explained, ‘a user can upload a phone app to change their 250w machine to 400 and no one will ever identify it’ Then, to confuse the market, an electric mountain bike. L1e-A 4.5 kw. Top speed 50 mph.  No licence, no insurance no regulations.

2016 feb news dave luscombe mcia

Dave Luscombe when is it not a push bike?

Karen Cole, Licensing. New bike sales at 125 are growing like never before. Tests passed, 11% increase from 2014 / 5.  Half year from 20115 / 6 is an 8% increase to date.  Changes to the licence may be coming a 3rd and 4th directive, small amendments with training and trainers. CBT review.  195,000 every year. 2 year validation of CBT. Theory knowledge to be increased. New learning materials.  Separate automatic and manual CBT certificates. DVSA will recognise ATB status.

MCIA big date for your diary - Ride to work week.  3rd Monday of June, 20th June 2016.

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