'Menopause and the Express logistics workplace.'

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A keynote given recently at the IOC Q2 Heads of Industry by Dr Theodora Kalentzi, Medical Prime menopause clinic.

'Menopause covers a wide breadth of age in the express logistics workforce – from 22 to 87.'

'Do you have a fridge available in the control room? Cold drink and water is a must and often overlooked.'

We take a look back at one of the most talked-about keynotes at the last IOC Heads of Industry round table.

Dr Theodora began her keynote with the breadth of age, ‘Age impact is wide, while typical issues are on average at 51, we have records between 22 and 87. It matters to us, as employers must have the correct discussion in the workplace.

There are over 4.3 million women in the UK employment between 45 and 60. Most women will experience more than one symptom of the menopause. Many women feel embarrassment and stigma. There is difficulty in the discussion of the topic with employers. HR have seen increasing cases, I have often been approached as an expert for employers.

Poor concentration, poor memory, tiredness, feeling low, anxiety and panic attacks are all symptoms that may occur daily. This can be debilitating in the workplace. Some women may take their own steps, they move part-time, this will be a loss of valuable resource. There is a great concern that the matter will not be taken seriously.

Today is a great compact session to bring this into our lens as managers in express. You can look at work support opportunities. Women who are drivers feel at more risk during a difficult day. Changing space and quiet space is very important in the office environment. Do you have a fridge available in the control room? Cold drink and water is a must and often overlooked. Breaks and space are key, discussions build in the corridor, do not undervalue that communication space.’ ‘Do some risk assessment, have you got a policy in place, specialists are out there to help.’

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