HSP Couriers - To Infinity and Beyond!

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HSP Couriers..

"A secret intergalactic delivery location.

It seems even legendary space ranger Buzz Lightyear needs a little help from time to time getting around the galaxy and avoiding the evil clutches of Zurg and his robot horde.

We were a little disappointed that Sox wasn’t with him but apparently, he’s on assignment elsewhere."



IOC fellow, Hiten Patel at HSP was on intergalactic deliveries this week.

Not everyday we get a genuine Space Ranger gracing our humble warehouse. Buzz Lightyear himself was passing through recently to destinations unknown! - Even Buzz agree's HSP are light years ahead of the competition. Buzz made it to his secret location and back a week later, safely, securely and on time in one piece !


We’re not sure what happened to the XL-15, Buzz said its “top secret.” So we didn’t pry. Either way he was extremely grateful for the assist getting back to our base of operations where he could contact star command and continue with his intergalactic mission