Inst of Couriers at the IFA autumn Directory meeting Euston

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Rob Nitsch, help us with SME - small and medium enterprises.

84 sector bodies focused on 251 apprentice standards.

The annual IFA, Inst of Apprenticeship event; it was easy access from Euston for the second annual sector body event Nov 8th. An event to capture input from operators, liveries and trade bodies including the Inst of Couriers acting for Express Logistics sector. It was a look at all things apprenticeship and how the work-based education routes fit to sector and employer needs for next generation workforce.

Presently Express has three apprenticeships, express driver at level two with over four thousand starts so far. Express sortation and Express manager at level six as a new hons degree route for our next generation leaders. The second degree starts are around the corner with January enrolments being signed by University of West London as we speak.

Carl Lomas, IOC explained to the round tables how apprentices would head the VIP walkers in Saturday's Lord Mayor's Show. Particular gratitude to IFA for support at the presentations of apprentices at the recent National Courier Awards.

Welcome from IfATE Deputy Director, Rob Nitsch

Rob, an FE college gov, was at the heart of a college Ofsted audit. Focused at the IFA event he delivered a passionate opening. A lot going on in IFA, reflected on the post-16 diploma. I see no weakening between traditional academic and work-based qualifications. We must press the benefits for work-based opportunity in learning. We should not be nervous about technical education. We need more intelligence from operators to feed the hundreds of qualifications, we are trying to determine how close the fit of qualifications to job routes. IFA are asking for help to make the best decisions on the most appropriate qualifications to each sector of employer operators. T levels completing their first year. From King's Speech, the match between A levels and T levels is measured for value and how well the different routes fit together. There will be a lot of work over the next years to align the employer needs to the qualifications.

Updates on the Employer Directory and the role of professional and employer-led bodies – overview and discussions

Inst of Couriers is one of 84 bodies on the IFA directory covering 251 apprenticeship standards. Experts put forward by likes of the IOC have been invaluable for occupational expertise advice including OFQUAL reviews of the end point assessment of current apprenticeships in Express logistics including Express driver at level two.

Professional and employer bodies research by Gatsby, but not published, showed professional bodies vary dramatically in size and representation but remain an invaluable resource of sector knowledge. IFA are trying to utilise the intelligence that the professional bodies such as IOC to support sector. Tell us what the next big thing is coming in Express logistics.

IFA, what do we mean by an Apprenticeship review?

Is an apprenticeship compliant? and does it meet the employer needs? Further, how many candidates start, finish or leave early? Four options, a root-and-branch review, (a nine month process). An adjustment, (a tweak is much quicker). No action if all is well. Takedown if no one is using the apprenticeship. A look at the IDS, the revision prioritization matrix. Moving apprentices for revision up and down the priority list. Anything not looked at for a long time goes up the list. If an employer body asks for change it goes up the list. Standards with high withdrawals go up the list. Training money going in but no outcomes, if there is a high withdrawal rate we need to look at what can be fixed urgently. If there is a problem IFA are here to help sort out that problem. Point of contact at IFA would be the senior project manager.

We wish to develop insight to develop decisions for the labour market

Feedback from the Trailblazer ref panel

Angela spoke about the present trailblazer model. The present model placing employers at the heart of the qualifications. Strong view of best practice. There had been renewed focus on qualifications, ensuring everything is kept simple. Angela spoke KSBs, bootcamps, short courses. Looking ahead to the next five years, operators said its time to look at the Trailblazer model, see it is sustainable and revised. We are not going from X to Y, we are looking at consistent use of best practice with flexibility. An agile approach that can move quickly. Currently the Trailblazer groups undertake development and approval for qualifications, essentially employer expertise at the heart, it’s the point from which everything flows. Its important that this model remains current and can happen for the real world employers. A circle input from IFA to external input from Trailblazer group of people. We wish to develop insight to develop decisions for the labour market.