Look back via Rail Magazine report at Varamis National Courier Award win

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National Courier Awards look back.

Express logistics on the rails.

Varamis in Train report for National Courier Awards win.

National Courier Award winners in the press. James Graham from Freight Tracks Digital Magazine reported the Varamis multi-modal express logistics to rail with roller cages from Birmingham To Glasgow.

Varamis Rail wins 2023 ‘Step Change’ award at the Institute of Couriers awards. FTDM said - Varamis Rail, a leading UK express rail logistics company, has been honoured with the prestigious 'Step Change' award at the 2023 Institute of Couriers awards night. The 'Step Change' award is a significant recognition within the Courier, Express & Parcel (CEP) community, acknowledging companies that demonstrate exceptional commitment to innovation and change. This award is a testament to our dedication to continuous improvement and adaptation in an ever-evolving industry. "We are incredibly proud to accept this award," said Phil Read, Managing Director of Varamis Rail. "It's a reflection of our team's hard work and commitment to excellence. We see this not just as an achievement, but as a motivation to continue pushing boundaries and driving change."

The Institute of Couriers hosts this annual event to celebrate and recognise the achievements of courier companies, both large and small. The 'Step Change' award is one of the most anticipated awards of the event, highlighting companies that are at the forefront of change and innovation. Varamis Rail would like to extend its gratitude to the Institute of Couriers for this honour and looks forward to continuing its mission in delivering its sustainable goods distribution service to the wider UK economy.

A look back at the step change win summary from Varamis

Parcels to rail for multi modal electric train to door

Bringing step change. This new company, recognised the accelerating the demand to find a more environmentally friendly solution to moving parcels, products, and light goods around the UK; A cross dock, multimodal decarbonisation focused on delivery between Midlands and Scotland. Promoting and delivering a sustainable solution that the railway has to offer to final mile over a credible distance that wins time and delivers clean air. This brand new service delivered a winning combination of passenger rail access to roller cage parcels on electric trains for a fast shuttle between Middle England and Scotland every night of the week.

The new company is Varamis Rail working with Network. Varamis Rail is the UK’s newest train operator, have worked together to launch an innovative, zero carbon freight service. The service, which launched this year, runs between Scotland and the Midlands, Monday to Friday. Targeted at express parcels and third-party delivery companies, it will primarily deal with next day delivery of consumer goods. Industry partners, Eversholt Rail, have converted a number of fully electric 4-car trains formerly used in passenger service to enable them to carry freight while Network Rail provided the necessary operating licenses, contracts, and train paths for the service to operate. This followed trial operations of the service, which commenced in October 2022, to test the robustness and practicality of the service, and enabled logistics companies to test the service..

Georgie Newby, Network Rail’s Senior Commercial and Customer Relationship Manager, said:

I’m delighted that we’ve been able to support the launch of this innovative new service from the latest Freight Operating Company to join the network. It is the result of hard work and dedication across multiple organisations, all working closely together to deliver a great, zero carbon service for logistics companies to use. We look forward to delivering other innovations to keep growing the amount of parcel logistics transported by rail.


Varamis Rail Managing Director, Phil Read, added:

As the UK's newest Train Operator, Varamis Rail is keen to promote the sustainable benefits that the railway has to offer to the UK economy along with Network Rail. The increase in online shopping and home deliveries over recent years has accelerated the demand to find a more environmentally friendly solution to moving our parcels, products, or light goods around the UK; one solution is the electrified rail network. “Varamis Rail is incredibly appreciative of the support it has received from Network Rail to enable a start-up of its operations and we look forward to building on this relationship as the rail industry looks to play its part in decarbonising’ the UK.


The new service, which launched on the 09 January, is fully electric, supports Network Rail and the rest of the rail industry, as an environmentally friendly alternative to road haulage. It gives access to urban rail stations located within the heart of city centres and is expected to benefit the rail industry in the future as an example of best practice.