UWL Apprentice Managers get security keynote from Huboo's Magromallis

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Andy Magromallis delivers security keynote to next generation degree apprentice managers at Univ West London

‘Onion theory for final mile security’ Layers of defence.

You must use code 42 for theft.

Top experts have been dropping in to deliver for the University of West London students in Express delivery. Last week of September was a masterclass of knowledge, skills and behaviour for our sector. Chair of IOC security group, andy Magromallis, Huboo, instructed next generation, express manager students on the degree apprenticeship at University of West London last week. It was a masterclass in mail and parcel security in the compliance module of final mile. The students are in the heart of their compliance module and the hands on expert speakers co-ordinated by Dr Tracey Worth have been delivering apprenticeship on the job reality to the teaching.

Andy focused on utilising the onion theory - meaning that good structure, planning and systems need to be in place. Put in place layers and layers of defence. Security checks in process, vehicle, people or monitor sensors is supported by layers of security. Checks and balances. Fit for purpose. For example concrete posting foundation. Checks over time required. Look to improve fencing to electric doesn’t mean it improves the security, but layering does. Vehicle element criminals have a view on how much risk they want to take. Livery makes you a target. Putting layers in place to reduce the 'Romanian Roll' . Organised crime linked to other parcel carriers. The key thing is the numbers. Devil is in the detail in the numbers. Collect and submit evidence. Proof how things are going wrong. Leading to evidence that it is organised crime.

Andy talked detail on reporting theft in final mile. You must use Code 42 - Theft of a parcel from the vehicle.

‘It is important to protect our people. It's all about a plan. Disaster recovery plan. Online fraud goes straight into the parcel network. Then the parcel gets online address change and the parcel is delivered to the criminal. Different areas of our work need to know what you can do.

Narcotics, contraband through our network. Education of our workers. If in doubt, shout!

Informing the drivers what they can do if they think they are being followed. Change your speed, go round the roundabout twice. Train the driver to shout if they are in doubt. Call 999.

Case study Scenario: theft from motor vehicle. The drivers know more than they say. Drivers getting followed very close to the depots. CCTV on trucks. Criminals always choose when the increase in load value occurs.