Heads of Express Industry at IOC round table Guildhall success

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Network and Natter over a free lunch - Final Mile fashion week, pre-Peak to Black Friday 2023.

Red Hot agenda delivered knowledge and natter.

A pre-Peak natter to remember. Standing room only, national brands to regional and SME final mile operators.

New fellows and old. 250 thousand vans represented at the table for the IOC round table express sector heads of industry, hosted by the Corporation of London in meeting room one, Guildhall.

Energetic engaged introductions from the final mile of Fashion Week to the Peak 2023 ahead. Showcasing the Sunday email, the sector group meetings.

Today a new group sector chair announced. A fellows certificate supported Dominic Cooper, talk of the National Courier Awards shortlistings, the Lord Mayor's Show entry and even the Feb 29th Fellows Gowning for leap year 2024 were all topics for the fellows notebooks.

A group of keynotes were at the heart of the heads of industry. Headline keynotes that have built an enviable reputation for knowledge focused on final mile, last mile delivery, packing in a punch of factors key to sector. TfL opening with very latest London ULEZ expansion and actions for owner-drivers to get their share of the last one hundred million scrappage for their vans. Highways England spoke eyeballs from the truck on Operation Tramline. Neil Ashworth and John Manners Bell enthralled with focused knowledge lens on the sector. University of West London express manager Degree candidates took the stage to showcase their latest projects on compliance. City Corporation reinforced clean air vision. Last, but not least, Melanie Stancliffe talked worker hours and the reinforcement of under 3.5t compliance.

The Heads of industry closed with a fellows send for IOC Chairman to launch his five-day cycle challenge from London to Paris for the transport charity Transaid on a trusty 30 year old courier bike. That’s another story for you to take a look at on the IOC web as it unfolds over the rest of this week.

Laura Dyett, TfL update on the ULEZ expansion and routes to van scrappage

Mark Cartwright, Highways England - Operation TramLine

Dr Neil Ashworth on channels to door.

UWL Degree showcase on route optimisation – by the students.

Samantha Tharme/ Simon Bradbury, City of London Corporation – Transport Air Pollution.

Dr John Manners Bell speaking on Logistics globalisation.

Melanie Stancliffe update on worker status legals.


City of London Alderman Alison Gowman introductions at ioc round table


2023 news sep hoi tfl ulez

TfL speak ULEZ at ioc round table


2023 news sep hoi ashworth

Prof Neil Ashworth speaks e-retail with focus on returns


2023 news sep hoi uwl

FedEx Express students UWL


2023 news sep hoi manners bell

John Manners Bell, Ti Insight


2023 news sep hoi thrane

 Samantha Tharme, City of London Corporation speaker

2023 news sep hoi stancliffe

Melanie Stancliffe, Cripps


Alderman Alison Gowman, Hon IOC Fellow talks road safety with Fellows at the Heads of Industry.

2023 news sep hoi gowman g01


2023 news sep hoi gowman g02


2023 news sep hoi gowman g03


 2023 news sep hoi gowman g04