Spotlight on Roxanne Goddard - Yodel

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Commercial DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor) & Client Operations Support.

Roxanne has been an invaluable member of the Yodel team for an impressive 12 years, during which time she has been a cornerstone of our Client Operations Group.

Recently, Roxanne has achieved a newer role, becoming a certified Dangerous Good Safety Advisor, driving best practice internally and further supporting our client base.

In her new role, Roxanne seamlessly blends her client relationship skills with her newly acquired DGSA expertise. This dual role allows her to not only foster and strengthen client connections but also to leverage her specialised knowledge to ensure the safe passage of goods through the Yodel network.

We sat down to learn more: “I’m currently working a split role between Client Operations (COG) and Dangerous Goods (DG). For COG, I support the new onboarding of partners, reviewing their product and packaging to ensure suitability to travel through our network. I also work our depots to set new collections up. For DG, I support the clients wishing to ship Dangerous Goods with Yodel, processing what can and can’t be carried, how goods should be packed, marked and labelled; ultimately ensuring we have the correct paperwork completed for auditing purposes.

“I’ve worked at Yodel for 12 years starting in Client Admin before moving to Client Operations (COG) in Oct 2013 and more recently qualifying as a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA ) in Jan 2023. This helped open up a role that works hand in hand with my COG side to support new clients and the products they wish to ship.

“When working with clients, one of the biggest hurdles to overcome is compliance. It’s crucial that our partners build up their DG knowledge to ensure their parcels reach their customers and guarantees the safety of our colleagues. A personal challenge is I want to get out and about and visit more of our partners and their clients to really get involved in their operations and ensure DG best practice is being adhered to.

“I love the range of tasks having a joint role brings; the roles often involve some digging around on customers websites to identify products to ensure we have a correct and most up to date list of products that they are selling. I often feel like a detective! One of the great things about the role is the number of departments I work with including Commercial, Operations and Health & Safety departments.

“I’ve found that diligence and honesty is key to building good working relationship, and I just love the variety of the role and the working relationships I’ve made with both clients and across our internal sites. My biggest achievement to date is passing my DGSA exam! This is a course I have found particularly interesting but far outside anything I had done before, so to pass the exam was a really positive personal achievement, especially as one of the exams was a week after moving house and with 2 small children it’s not always easy to find time or energy!

If I had to pick one moment that I’m most proud of, it was getting the first small business I worked with to begin trading online. After a few email exchanges explaining what we could and couldn't take, I called them to offer training and guidance and supported them through and now they are happy Yodel partner. The feedback from our contact was amazing; "thanks for your extra input with me. It's really helpful having a go to person with knowledge in this area." I really appreciate hearing feedback like that.”