IOC Security group – ‘Just stop Oil' protest briefings for Final Mile

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Earlier this week PS Paul Fagg Metropolitan Police briefed the IOC security group on the Just Stop Oil protests.

Take a look at the headlines below.

Next round table virtual IOC sec group meeting is January 31st. Chaired by Andy Magromallis from Huboo and run virtually for easy attendance.

‘We wanted to make sure you are aware of the planned protest activity by JUST STOP OIL (JSO). JSO state they will use “high tempo civil resistance” protest to force The Government to commit to immediately stopping all fossil fuel activity in the UK. They will seek to “bring the disruption back into LONDON, by marching, swarming and blocking on inner city roundabouts” supposedly during the period of 01/12/2022 – 14/12/2022. The intention of this weeks message to IOC security group is to make you aware of the potential activity to enable you to identify any risks, look at your security measures/plans and make contact if you require any Police advice or if you have concerns. During this time or in the time leading up to the relevant dates you become concerned about any activities around your premises then we would very much appreciate you informing us by calling 101 or 999 in an emergency. As always we would advise vigilance on dates outside of those published above given that the situation may change. There is a proportionate policing plan in place.


Your people

In the days leading up to the event, ensure all employees are fully briefed
Your premises should have a strong, visible management presence who should identify themselves to the police in the event of any trespassing or damage
Security officers, where possible, should be highly visible
All staff should remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to security and/or the police
Ensure all members of staff are fully aware of any emergency and evacuation procedures



Your premises

Minimise the number of entry points to your premises
Ensure the outside areas are clear of debris, dustbins, ladders, tools, or equipment
Check that your emergency equipment, grab bags, first aid supplies, and walkie-talkies are in place, easy to get to, and working properly. It is advisable to test them beforehand
Check and test building security and emergency systems
Ensure CCTV coverage is fully operational and can provide the highest recording resolution possible
If your building has scaffolding erected or is near scaffolding, let your security staff know
Report and suspicious activity to police by dialling 999 in an emergency or call 101 if not an emergency


Should there be a protest impacting upon your footprint, please consider the following from the outset.

The effect or impact protest(s) are having on your business or organisation.
(Considerations – footfall, loss of business,..)
The affect or impact on your staff, customers, and/or other stakeholders.
(Considerations – work/life balance, staff travel, reliance on transport links, delivery issues,.)
The estimated cost, either financially or otherwise of this impact.
(Considerations –financial cost compared to typical business day, environmental e.g., refuse collection, traffic congestion,..)