Multimodal 2022 at the NEC

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Multimodal at the NEC.

Road, rail air and sea logistics.

IOC exclusive photo tour on your laptop from Day 1.

Arriving at the NEC it's a sharp left-turn for Hall 1. Multimodal; compact some say, narrow aisles some say, but a beautiful Royal Blue carpet fit for a platinum year celebration.

Multimodal represents every logistics sector under one roof, and is characterised by key vertical sectors, including manufacturing, retail, agribusiness, chemical, automotive, electronics, FMCG, food & drink, fashion, pharmaceuticals, construction, aerospace, energy, real estate, recycling, paper/print and perishables, amongst others, whilst horizontally, the show covers all modes of transportation, including sea, road, rail, air and inland waterways.

At first sight the empty aisles resonate with the economy stocks, but a few steps in brings a buzz to the air. Conversations, discussions, inquisitive to talk to providers of services that complement each other.

A Logistics trade show, Multimodal 2022 celebrates fifteen years of putting shippers, retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, importers and exporters in front of exhibitors who offer the latest logistics and supply chain solutions. Three theatres are providing a morning and afternoon programme, with all seats taken. Microphones not projecting the true sound of the speaker, but enough to hear, ‘Road- a suitable way forward. Is the EV the only way?’ Dr Nicholas Head from XPO giving a compelling argument for everyone to do more, as the road is ‘THE’ most important way forward.

In the blue corner, ‘The transport and Logistics Carbon footprint - Has there been any progress? they want to put their foot down and accelerate. Increase support for the technology that works and let's make it better’

Multimodal is firmly established as the UK, Ireland and Northern Europe’s premier freight transport, logistics and supply chain management event. Whether you are a 3PL, BCO, shipping line, logistics provider, haulier, pallet network, port or warehouse owner, Multimodal offers a unique opportunity to make valuable face to face contact with new prospects and existing companies. ​Year on year, shippers and cargo owners attend to improve their businesses; by finding ways of moving their products more efficiently and by meeting new suppliers.

Jet Express exhibiting at the show with many other sameday express companies attending. The overall feel of the show was one of knowledge; the theatres were full, the sales areas were full, coffee seating areas full. Companies and individuals eager to know what is new, available, can be done for the wider distribution to the last mile.

If you weren’t chased by the robots or cleaned away by the sweepers you will have enjoyed the buzz of an industry with their ‘carbon neutral/eco-friendly’ foot to the floor.


Next year - Save the date : 13-15th June 2023