IOC Heads of Industry round table May 10th 2022

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Melanie Stancliffe talked Worker Status update Melanie Stancliffe talked Worker Status update

Cost of fuel – Worker status – road closures from Jubilee to Commonwealth Games – Light vehicle licencing by MCIA

What is sortation? ‘It’s achieving destination!’

Tuesday at room 302, IoD Pall Mall for a full house, standing room only afternoon. And a free lunch packed full of networking,

IOC chair Carl Lomas opened with the question of challenge to sector, the answers? a mouth-watering list of what’s what in today’s delivery. ‘people, challenge, resource availability, growth of cost, protecting the service to client.’ Fellows talked about nurturing what they have, to deliver from vehicle to team.

May 10th agenda was packed, expert view on oil price and future fuel cost from Callum Macpherson at Investec.

Tony Campbell delivered a deep dive into the licence and future categories of the light vehicles including cargo bikes.

IOC fellow Stuart Godman was quick to showcase his petrol motorbike fleet acceptance to electric two wheelers.

Sarah Crane had a roads and postcode update on the Commonwealth Games' impact in the West Midlands, with maps and delivery freedom.

Man from the ministry, DfT Phil Martin gave the update on latest DfT structure.

Melanie Stancliffe, expert logistics employment lawyer gave clarity on worker status, challenged mutuality and status with app’ platforms, substitution, and control.

More interactive engagement saw fellows complete the delivery to home numbers. Asking for your household numbers of delivery in comparison to the 2021 delivery to door number at 53 billion items. Do you receive 4.4 deliveries a day to your household?

Tracey Worth asked the academic question for the new apprenticeship, what is this thing we call sortation? Fellows dived in, ‘Sortation is a process.’ ‘It’s the division of a commodity into hubs and postcodes.’ ‘Sortation is achieving destination.’

Welcoming Fellows to the roundtable saw Mark Bridges CitySprint, Alun Cornish FedEx and Luke Eggar Santis Global attending for the first time. The important dates were noted, especially the call for National Courier Award nominations.




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Interactive technology at the table of fellows – 400 thousand vans – 53 billion deliveries in express


2022 news may heads of industry gallery 02

Big van numbers – CitySprint – DPD – Evri Hermes with IOC Dr Tracey Worth and DfT Phil Martin


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IOC Chair Lomas with London fellows to talk cargo bikes – Stuart Godman, Absolutely & Luke Eggar, Santis



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Callum Macpherson, Investec – Oil values



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Commonwealth Games road impact to postcodes and final mile