IOC launch Express van security poster for the sector

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There has been an increase in crimes against couriers.

The IOC, in partnership with the National Business Crime Centre, has produced a poster explaining the risks and best-practice responses to help keep the Express driver safe.

Chief Inspector Patrick Holdaway explains, "Police forces, particularly in the North West, are seeing an increase in crimes against couriers..."



Chief Inspector Patrick Holdaway explains,

Police forces, particularly in the North West, are seeing an increase in crimes against couriers. The crimes range from theft of parcels, to theft of the vehicle and on occasions robbery where the vehicle and its contents are taken by force. The police are being proactive in response to the crimes but it is important that you report any offences so that the police can build up an intelligence picture of what is happening and where. I’d also ask you to remind your drivers of some simple security messages.


IOC launch express van poster for the sector

Ten points for driver security. IOC CEO Tracey Worth asks the sector to print the poster and get it on the drivers notice board.


1. Be aware of any vehicle following you. If followed, do not exit the vehicle, keep doors locked, keep moving, and call the police.

2. If something does not look or feel right, do not make the delivery. Stay in your vehicle and report any suspicious activity to the police.

3. Never leave your engine running or your keys in the ignition when making a drop. Always lock your doors, take your keys with you and remain vigilant when making your delivery.

4. Be aware of your surroundings and avoid areas that are not well lit. Park under a streetlight if possible and carry a torch to illuminate dark areas and walkways.

5. Be alert to anyone acting suspiciously in the immediate area of the delivery location.

6. Ensure your vehicle is working properly.

7. Fit a tracker on your vehicle and install dashcam.

8. If you feel threatened, activate the panic alarm on your vehicle or sound your horn to draw attention to the situation and potentially deter the criminals.

9. Do not flash money during transactions and limit the amount of cash you carry.

10. If an emergency occurs, remain at the scene only if it is safe and call 999. If it is not safe to remain at the scene call 999 and get to a place of safety.


Click here to download the poster – print and place on the driver notice board.