Yodel ‘It's been like Christmas for the last six months.’

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David Raine, Driver (Left) and David Stewart David Raine, Driver (Left) and David Stewart

Yodel, handling more than 150 million packages a year, adapted quickly in March, even partnering with taxi firms at one stage to help deliver the extra packages.

Mike Hancox said on BBC, ‘It will be our biggest ever year. It's been like Christmas for the last six months for us.



Mike Hancox,

We think it will be the biggest online Christmas ever, by some way,


Yodel is now preparing for a period of sustained demand this autumn and winter as shoppers flock online for convenience as social distancing restrictions remain in place.

Yodel is adding 2,500 self-employed drivers and nearly 500 staff in its sorting centres across the UK to bolster its operations.

Mike Hancox,

We're planning for success and I think every other delivery carrier will be expecting the same.



Yodel pair of Davids shortlisted for National Courier Awards Oct 20th

Yodel David pair up for 80 years' service

Ashley Kay,

Meet David and David. Both based out of our Gateshead depot. David Raine, Driver (Left) and David Stewart, Service Centre Manager (Right), share just under 80 years of service with Yodel between them. David Stewart runs our best-performing depot, and has done so for a long time by being a great leader and having a great team. David Raine is a faultless driver who lives and breathes Yodel, with so much love for his job, customers and the company itself. Thank-you both for your hard work and dedication throughout the years.