Oct 5th D2N2 LEP transport forum Skyways Hotel, East Midlands Airport

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D2N2 inspirational postcode, employers coalitions and solutions for transport in the East midlands.

Transport and logistics issues for East Midlands, roads, fuel and workforce. Where will the next generation of drivers come from? Does that generation understand what logistics is? East Midlands employers discussed the issues at the D2N2 LEP event that led with a master class of speakers delivering issues of fuel, return logistics, govt policy, warehouse to wheels and apprenticeship solutions to driver training.

member reports

Fully transport focused it was a shiny blue Volvo truck in Aim colours that greeted near a hundred employers for an afternoon in the D2N2 east midlands inspirational postcodes to review Collaboration, strategy and skills solutions for transport and logistics, the east Midlands hot spot of transport and logistics.

2015 members oct 05 4

Delegates arriving, Clydesdale, Buxton & leek College, univ of derby with Allison Kemp centre.

A roller coaster day of transport & logistics employers in the East Midlands and particularly the northern corridor to Derby and Nottingham. A multiple delivery of 15 minute slots with feedback Q&As and strong employer participation with key focus deliveries from the D2N2 & LLEP. Inspiration for transport solutions, strategy and skills in the inspirational postcode of East Midlands. Collaboration and solutions for the 2020 workforce.


Peter Acton, Logistics Leaders Network welcomed everyone to the venue, and inspired the vision of logistics.

Carl Lomas MBE Introductions


2015 members oct 05 8


2.40 Peter Richardson, Chairman of D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership

2015 members oct 05 1


2.55 Introducing the sector statistics, John Bowman IOC, Prof Tracey Worth LMU


2015 members oct 05 2


2015 members oct 05 9

E-retail survey questions await your input at www.surveymonkey.com/r/IOC05


3.20 Diesel Derivative markets for the SME, Clydesdale Bank. Mark Coulam, Senior Manager Treasury,

2015 members oct 05 10


3.40 The driver shortage issues in the East Midlands, Assist System Andrew Hartley, strategy, skills and solutions.


2015 members oct 05 3

4.00 Corin Crane LLEP director,

2015 members oct 05 11


4.05 Alex Farkas, DWP head for sector, a view from Department for Work & pensions DWP

2015 members oct 05 12


4.20 return logistics Dr Jonathan Gorst Sheffield Hallam University

2015 members oct 05 13


4.35 University of Derby FE & undergrad courses in logistics, Prof Ming Lim & Ian Jervis FE.


2015 members oct 05 14

4.50 The local perspective, a panel Q&A of local employers chaired by Prof Tracey Worth

Allison Kemp, AIM Ripley

2015 members oct 05 5

Simon Nelson, Nelson Distribution Belper

2015 members oct 05 6

Carly Balls-Newman, Ripley  JC Balls, Carly Balls,

2015 members oct 05 7

Questions from the floor.

5.20 Solutions – Combining the strategy and skills agenda to deliver workforce solutions

A wide range of audience, predominantly employer but with industry associations, academics, colleges and training providers focused on the goal of workforce shortage for the logistics sector.

2015 members oct 05 15

Alex Farkas DWP, Chris Holloway Motorway buddy, Dave Roberts Buxton& Leek College with Inst of Education IOE brochures for the Two Way street project.

2015 members oct 05 16

Prof Tracey Worth London Met Univ , Peter Richardson chair D2N2, Dr Johnathon Gorst Sheffield Hallam Univ

2015 members oct 05 17

Carl Lomas MBE, D2N2 sector chair, Corin Crane LLEP director, Sally Gilson FTA, Andrew Hartley Assist – System.

The D2N2 Growth Hub. The D2N2 Growth Hub Helpline number is 0333 006 9178.




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