HSE DVSA Driver CPC module

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Liz Heaton DVSA, ‘What we need from you

Nina Day, ‘When load shifts it can be disastrous.’

HSE/DVSA Tuesday at eleven webinar covered HSE DVSA building a dedicated, DCPC-specific, load security training module.

IOC chair Carl Lomas dialled in the laptop to the interactive session to capture the details for the express courier sector-specific feedback for the new HSE DVSA content.



Liz Heaton DVSA introduced,

Today is about integrating issues in the driver workplace, specifically focused on freight load security content to go into a DCPC module.


Nina Day at HSE,

I lead on load security; HSE works closely with DVSA. When load shifts it can be disastrous. Not enough lashings or old lashings that fail are the key reason for load shift. One message that has been clear is that the industry wants information on good practice. We will be delivering best-practice from real world situations


Nina looked at the issues,

Why loads move, minimum legal requirement, securing systems, risk of something going wrong, responsibility. Load security isn’t a standalone topic, it sits inside safe working. Strap labels will be in the spotlight.


Chaz Wright,

We are developing a driver CPC one-day course for load security, delivering the ability to load with best-practice guidance provided by HSE that can be delivered by over a thousand private training providers. Loading & off-loading is common content and can be found in as many as a thousand existing courses. DVSA have worked closely with the traffic commissioners in delivering a specific DCPC module.


Liz Heaton closed,

Your experience and expertise is really important in helping us develop content that is useful, engaging, and relevant. After the webinar you will be able to provide feedback and comments. Nothing is set in stone at this stage, so this is your opportunity to shape the future of the content. Q&A today asked us about strap labels, and we will look to place this in the new content. What works well and how important is audio-visual content going to be?