Peak One 2020 Valentine's delivery - Final Mile food – Delivering Valentine's peak

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Chocolate and flowers, add a broad spectrum of gifts for final mile

Final mile food perfection – Using the whole licence weight to minimise vans on the road

BD Auto van maximum use of weight to licence fit at 4.25t

Valentine's Peak One 2020 delivered with storm resilience in a final mile success for the sector.

Ocado have maxed out the van weight to licence perfectly for final mile food.

Graham Thomas Ocado,

EV remains a challenge to not lose payload and increase congestion in the 3.5t sector, our 4.25t BD Auto, blueberry colour vans have allowed us to start the ZE journey without putting extra fleet on the road, the mainstream OEMs need to catch up.


Final Mile food – Delivering Valentine's peak

Ocado numbers up ten per-cent

Experts in Express, final mile food and finding alternative fuel delivery solutions from gas trucks at Hatfield to electric Mercedes vans at the final mile. Remember the Andover distribution centre fire? Over ninety million pounds allocated to exceptional loss but Ocado figures to December 1st 2019 still show almost ten per cent increase in sales bringing turnover to one and three quarter billion pounds. Almost six hundered million in the UK. There are new customers in Australia and Japan and a range review pending from Waitrose to M&S.

Ocado Group chief executive Tim Steiner,

Though statutory results reflected a combination of factors, including the impact of the Andover fire, the underlying performance of Ocado Retail and the successful growth of Ocado Solutions were very encouraging. Preparations for the switchover from Waitrose to M&S products in September are well underway.