Electric step for Sam Clarke Gnewt Menzies

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‘The journey has been simply phenomenal’

‘Founding sustainable clean air logistics in London.’

Sam Clarke, expert electric vehicle guru, IOC chair of electric vehicle group and founder of Gnewt is set for a Spring move.

‘One last mile. I can now announce officially, that earlier this year I tendered my resignation from Gnewt and shall be leaving in the Spring.’

Sam said

‘The courier and logistics sector is one that helped me carve a path for EVs in the commercial space, whilst I’m immensely proud of what we delivered, for me personally my journey is to go down a different route for now which am hugely excited about. I’d like to thank the IoC for all their support and assistance over the last ten years.’


Sam remains chair of the IOC electric group and will be at the fellows gowning evening on Feb 28th at the House of Lords.

He comments further,

Thanks to all at Gnewt by Menzies Distribution for our time together. The business that Matthew Linnecar and I launched back in November 2009 and the journey that ensued has been simply phenomenal; the experience gained immeasurable and the connections created, priceless. We helped create sustainability in logistics in London at a level that was largely unparalleled, we pioneered best practice, shaped policy, advised governments and have inadvertently educated competitor companies a hundred fold larger, that now rather flatteringly plagiarise our methods. But all good things come to an end and my personal journey is now to follow a different path…more on that in the IOC Sunday email in due course. I will continue my advisory roles for other organisations, as well as assisting Gnewt and Menzies when required going forward. To all those that have worked alongside me at Gnewt over the last 10 years, I thank you.