IOC News - 2006

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2006 Nov

    Sameday Industry imput to Queens Speech. The Institute of Couriers is holding a briefing on November 8th for top brass to take on  board the excellent news that London road safety has improved. Prior to the writing of the Queens Speech the President of the IOC, Lord Falkland will meet with the leaders of the sameday industry to discuss and comment on latest London figures that show a fall in bike accidents and of the steps the industry has taken to support road safety of all users. Road safety a paramount issue in the same day industry, the news will be well recieved by courier companies in the Capital and across the UK.

2006 Oct

    Bike Show in Birmingham IOC members and fellows got a photo cd of the Bike Show in Birmingham hot of the press. David Jamieson alongside Minister Dr Stephen Ladyman opened the show on Tuesday 26th October. Dispatch News for the event reported a fine front page photo of Tracey Worth with World Superbike star James Toseland. New for this year was a larger race padock supported by Arai and home to BSB teams including Hawk Kawasaki. Carl Lomas toured the show with Trevor Magnor BMF to find best courier bargains. Full leather suits at a stagaring one hundred pounds. There seemed to be a big turn away from leather to textiles. Opening evening of the show saw MCN host their awards bash at the National Motorcycle Show across the road from the NEC. Top bike went to the new fly by wire Yamaha YZ600 GP lookalike. Most practical bike went to Honda with the CB1000.

2006 Sept

    Bike casualties in London down. Craig Carey-Clinch of the MCIA announced bike casualties in London are down for the period 2001-2004 by 13% in London's congestion charging zone. MCIA is calling for access to bus lanes as figures for safety improve. Carl Lomas of the IOC sees the improved biker safety of London as a direct reflection of the ten thousand bike couriers doing a better job in a safer manner. Ten years of training for bike couriers, level 2 NVQ qualifications in courier skills and ever better technology for communications and route finding have all helped. London safety record for two wheels is a credit to the bikers of London.

2006 Aug

    Signpost Magazine for Courier Industry. The Institute of Couriers IOC is in the last stages of the launch of a new courier magazine, aimed at individuals working in the courier industry one of the key features is a profile on the founding fellows who launched the IOC, for the two wheel buffs theres some history on the CX500 and for the four wheel and overnighters a feature on logistics progress as well as a detailed report on the 2006 National Courier Awards.

2006 July

    Training in Transport London Opens its doors. Whilst Camelot Courier Training stalled with an end to its starts last September the new venture will reprersent activities from two wheels to four, Wallace School of Trucks, Taxi Trade and Camelot have all had input to launch the new one stop shop. Check out the details at

2006 June

    Carl Lomas gives Courier Training to  public domain. Carl Lomas speakingat the 2006 National Courier Awards anounced - 'The work I have so closely been involved in delivering training in courier skills has sadly come to an end.Changes in work based learning refocuses delivery of learning for the unemployed. This is not a message of sadness, over the last decade you have employ more than seventy percent of the candidates trained in courier skills. Whilst Camelot Courier Training stalls and takes a different direction the success will continue.I am about to place all the learning materials, the NVQ tutorials, lesson plans and delivery work into the public domain on the IOC web sites. Camelot may not deliver it but you will still have it. Individuals will all have the opportunity to access the training and the success will live on. It will live on in your hands and our industry will continue to grow in its professionalism. As time moves on everyone will access the NVQ learning material, it will no longer be just a step into the industry but a measure for those who aspire to it in the industry.Not just the unemployed but everyone.'

2006 June

    National Courier Awards Tuesday 20th June 2006. T he 2006 event was a tremendous event celebrating the very best of the same day courier industry in the prescence of the Transport Minister Dr Stephen Ladyman. On the evening of Tuesday June 20th. Teams from British Superbike and National superstock brought top level two wheelers into the City of London. The bike paddock was indoors in the giant Port-a-tun room of the old Whitbread Brewery in Chiswell Street, City of London. Minister for Transport, Dr Stephen Ldyman delivered an industry focused speach finding growth, proffesionalism and quality in a skilled workforce. Carl Lomas MBE introduced the awards and welcomed VIPs, Ian Hethrington - Skills for Logistics, Trevor Magnor BMF, Ian Mutch MAG, David Jamieson MCIA, John Lister DA, Walter Gill livery of Carman and Malcom Linsky Taxi Trade Liverymaster.A giant Screen shone out above the stage to introduce the top guns of the industry for a three hundred person gala bash that will be the talk of the same day world for many moons to come. Winners of the 2006 National Courier Awards made the walk to recieve their hallowed glass under spotlights and to music as the mood of celebration recognised the excellence of proffesionalism they display. Marc Cheauvex of MPC organised champaign for every shortlisted candidate and TNT finished the evening with support for the afterdinner speaker. Event sponsorship from Camelot Training, Ears Radio and Proffesional IT gave a fantastic event that even updated the football scores as England played Sweeden in the World Cup. The 2006 winners are Two Wheels - John Coleman MPC, Paolo Guida TNT Sameday. Four Wheels - Mike Daniels UK Today, Steven Graham DHL, David Watkins MPC, Tony Worley City Sprint. Office - Laura Knight Lewis Day, Bobby Miles-Kingston Pink Express, Steve Purkis Reuter Brooks. Contract Peter Harris UK Today, Rosemary Smith TNT Sameday and Corporate Safety Award went to FedEx.Look at National Courier Awards for further information.

2006 April

    Shows to see! Two shows coming up are always fun to visit and of course interesting to our service. 24th and 25th April at The Radisson SAS Stanstead Airport. This is the place to be seen as major company's visit to check out who might be able to offer the best Courier, logistics and distribution service for them. Both Supplier and Customer go so if you want to be there to be seen call 01920 444202 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.

    Vehicles Vehicles Vehicles! The only vehicle show that has everything you need to see about your fleet. The Commercial Vehicle show at the NEC Birmingham. 25 - 27th April 2006. This huge stage for all things four wheels will allow you the time to ask questions, get to know facts and talk to the right person about your needs. A good day out if you want to know about your fleet.

2006 March

    SIGNPOST - Courier Magazine to be launched. Later this month the first edition of the Signpost magazine will be made available to everyone in the courier industry. All Founding Fellows will be distributing the magazine through their courier company's and the magazine will be available by post.

    The very first and special edition will carry the profile of each of the Founding Fellows alongside the history, events and news stories of the industry. The inaugaration of the IoC will take pride of place and an application form is included for those who have not applied for membership yet.

    To order your COPY email: with your NAME, ADDRESS, CONTACT TEL No, COURIER COMPANY AND ADDRESS or Call 0845 60 10 245. DON'T MISS OUT!!


    LORD MAYOR David Brewer meets courier top brass at Mansion House. Couriers - Life Blood to City Business. Lord Mayor of London David Brewer has a keen interest in City of London Transport Issues. Founding Fellows in the frame for a frank and detailed discussion included , Andrew Bernard - CitySprint, Marc Chauveau - MPC, BOb Black - TNT, Tracey Worth and Carl Lomas.

    The group chatted avout issues covering fleet management, congestion, parking,self employment and vehicle ownership. A Lunch followed as guests of both the Lord Mayor and the Institute of Directors. Opportunity to get a grip of the wider City of London issues, banking, international trading and legal services, friving finance and commerce were the key topics.

    A contingent of guests were French, headed by the French Ambassador who pointed out how close London City firms had come to Paris with the Euro Tunnel. Clarity of communication was paramount and as ever it was the lot of the courier to facilitate the life blood of knowledge moving between different firms. No Couriers - No Business!


2006 February

    National Courier Awards - Nomination and Bookings taken now. National Courier Awards will be held at the Brewery, Chiswell Street, London on Tuesday 20th June 2006. Discounts will be available for early bookings and deposits. The event will be the largest ever to be held by a transport industry and will host everyone from every area of the Sameday and Logistics company's. To see further details click on National Courier Awards.

    Institute of Couriers - Founding Fellows gowned at the House of Lords. Viscount Falkland, president of the IOC gowned the founding fellows of the IOC at a ceremony in the House of Lords on the evening of 2nd February, two ex-transport ministers in attendance, Steve Norris and new MCIA boss David Jamieson. Top Brass from the RHA, BMF, MAG, AIRSO and many other key organisations were in attendance with almost two hundred guests. It was a landmark event to launch the founding fellows.More info on

    The Big Boys are set to play with their toys!. Reported in all the logistics magazines and in house papers that everyone who is anyone is buying up everyone else. From the multi-national, even global companies who want to buy up 'Core' businesses it seems that consolidation is in for 2006. It isn't stopping at just the large companies the small and medium size companies are also trying to buy out or buy in new customer base, established services and bolt on turnover. The industry is all about change and the companies that work in it know only too well that the speed of that change makes or breaks you, so it isn't surprizing to read that the take over of Excel by Deutsche Post World Net was completed quickly.John Allan said "The transaction went smoothly and its good that it has gone through swiftly" This unit will now operate under the DHL Brand.