IOC News - 2007

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2007 December

    Fellows get free Highway Code. Sorry no christmas cards! This year for the members of the IoC they recieved a copy of the new updated Highway Code. The code has been reviewed for the first timein eight years, the most important change is the 'Merge' rule. On approach to the new arrow signs a motorist will have to give way in turn to the traffic on their right. This rule is used in other countries on the continent and in the Chanel Islands.

    Courier Company recognised for Leadership. Research by the Institute of Transport Management (ITM) into the European courier industry revealed City Link to be performing better than its competitors in the excellent service it provides to customers. In a year when City Link has been nominated and won ITM UK Courier of the Year for commitment to customer service and now the European Courier Company of the Year for out performing its competitiors in the excellence service provided.

2007 November

    Courier Company's Leading the way. This year has seen an upsurge of initiatives with both government and councils trying to show the public that they are going green or caring for the environment. In this years Transport for London (TfL) Greenfleet awards it was our courier industry that beat off stiff competition from the other two finalists, and Green Tomatoes. Andrew Bernard FFIoC company CitySprint took part in the London private sector Capital Fleet of the Year Award and scooped top prize. The final element was to participate in a 30 mile trip across London in rush hour passing four check points. The aim to complete the run with the least carbon emissions. CitySprints courier not only did this in the fastest time but completed the the challenge using the least emissions. The courier was on the new Vectrix motorbike which was exhibited at last years National Courier Awards. The judges commented on the innovative way CitySprint had approached its environmental programme.

    Creating a new courier service. New diverse initatives are always needed to continue raising levels of courier service. Fellow of the Institute of Couriers Martyn Wilson FFIoC has join Business Direct and taken on the responsibility of ParcelXchange on a global basis. This service is an expansion of the 'parts bank service' many courier company's provide. Business Direct's Chief Executive Paul Carvell FCILT commented that it was the 'intelligent box' system that set ParcelXchange apart. Connected through Business Post servers, fitted with bar code scanners and the engineer uses similar technology to that of ATM machines. Sucessful B2B trials have now lead to pilot trials in B2C areas.

2007 October

        Post Strike. European post in the private sector with yellow, blue & white postboxes on the streets and vans logoed with FedEx, Chrono and Cronos, DeutschPost cash machines at the post office buildings leave UK in a different world. As the post strike grips Christmas comes early for same day deliveries. Urgent bikes are booming in London, Manchester and Leeds, Vans are staked full and packages are being loaded high in vans for tomorrow. Fellows of the IOC comment:-

        Lewis Day, Jeffrey Riterband in London comments, ‘Demand for bikes rocketed, our policy is to service existing clients first and maintain quality in the core client base.’

        John Lister of Reuter Brooks comments, ‘A welcome addition to turnover but its clearly a temporary blip, yet again it shows how the courier industry can step up to the mark & solve distribution problems’

        Len Rainford of Sameday UK speaks ‘A positive increase in workload placed a weeks work into three days, major cities effected differently by the strike, national client base requested certainty of delivery over volume.’

2007 July

    Top Brass on the move . With summer sunshine arriving a moment to take stock of top brass finds various fellows of the Institute of Couriers on the Move this year. Trevor Hoyle moves from FedEx to head up ANC. Martyn Wilson and John Miller move from UK Today to Business Direct. David Williamson moves from TNT to UK Today and Amtrak spearhead a management buyout Leaving Jonathon Smith moving to new ventures.

2007 June

    National Courier Awards 2007 . President of the Institute of Couriers Lord Falkland to open the gala bash at the Tower Gorman Hotel on June 19th. Courier Companies large and small in attendance from DHL & TNT through London firms such as Lewis Day, Reuter Brooks and MPC. Twenty shortlisters made the first cut, ex Transport minister David Jamieson in attendance. Yamaha showcasing their city scooter with word of a courier insurance deal. HAwk Kawasaki BSB bikes on display as well as Pink Express national superstock machines. Green issues covered by Vectrix who will have one of their new electric motorbikes at the event. The gala event of the same day courier industry, more details under National Courier Awards on this site.

    Bike event of the decade disc to IOC fellows . 130 mph laps of the Isle of Man for the 100th aniversary of the TT races found the seventy thousand island inhabitants double for a two week gala of road racing with back to back parties from the George Formby Shutelworth Snap and clasic runs throught to Honda Day in Peel and Ramsey being re-named Yamsey to celebrate an enourmous Yamaha party. Fellows and members of the Institute of couriers all bagged a free photo diary disc of the event and route maps of the thirty six mile circuit.

2007 Feb

    Fellows new at the House of Lords . Founding Fellows of the IOC stood proud to form a welcome line to new fellows of the Institute of Couriers House of Lords reception in February 2007. President the Viscount Falkland spoke of proffesionalism and success before naming the new fellows for the year. Quentin Abel Chairman of APC, John Miller Ops Director of UK Today, Trevor Hoyle MD FedEx, Sue Teece Director of DHL Sameday and Alistair Cochrane TNT.