IOC Brexit Express round table event - Manchester 30 Oct 2019

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 IOC chair Carl Lomas with expert keynote Alan Lewis and IOC ceo Tracey Worth at the booklet launch in Manchester IOC chair Carl Lomas with expert keynote Alan Lewis and IOC ceo Tracey Worth at the booklet launch in Manchester

IOC big on the internet for Brexit but it's been round table too.

Brexit round table for express logistics, final mile, last mile. At the Crowne Plaza, 55 Booth Street West, Manchester M15 6PQ.

Oct 30 for the IOC Middle England Brexit last mile masterclass

Logistics heartland Middle England for the IOC Last Mile Manchester masterclass on all things BREXIT, it was a must-attend in the Express hot-spot of middle England on Oct 30 for a free-to-attend round table with the experts speaking to clarify where we are on borders, licence compliance , reality of dates and more.



IOC launch dedicated BREXIT Express final mile guide booklet

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Keynote by Alan Lewis, former Irwin Mitchell expert lawyer, now at Constantine Law.

What does it all mean and when will it happen?

1. Will there be a transition period? If the UK and the EU conclude a withdrawal agreement before the UK leaves the EY, yes until 31/12/2020

2. During the transition period, most EU law will still apply to the UK

3. At the end of the transition period the withdrawal agreement aims to avoid short term disruption by clarifying what will happen when EU rules stop applying to the UK

4. Also at the end of the transition period, the main provisions of the Protocol on Northern Ireland to the withdrawal agreement would come into effect. That requires NI to remain aligned to specified EU single market and customs rules need to avoid a hard border in Ireland.

5. I no withdrawal agreement is concluded by exit day (now extended to 31 January 2020) and if there is no further extension of the Article 50 period, and the Article 50 notice is not revoked, the UK will still leave under Article 50 but with no deal. This means there will be no transition period.


The IOC BREXIT Bubble evolves as the go-to final mile


· Oct 31 not to be in final mile,

· Jan 31 last mile Express Brexit date.

· Oct 30 IOC Brexit last mile for express courier event Manchester

· IOC launch dedicated Express and final mile Brexit booklet

· The election date Dec 12 'to be or not to be'.


Departments across government are holding events to help your business get ready for Brexit

Pop-up help for logistics to prepare for Brexit

The Department for Transport is setting up information pop-up stands across the UK and Europe to help transport and businesses prepare for Brexit, so that goods can continue to flow smoothly through ports. The pop-ups will be located at ports, service stations and on ferries to provide easily accessible advice, helping hauliers understand the documentation they need for themselves, their vehicles and their goods after Brexit. All stands will be staffed by multilingual advisors.



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