IoC News - September 2012

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IOC chair, Carl Lomas held the formation of a new skills council craft sector specific group for mail and logistics at The IOD London.

The group rich in IOC fellows soon agreed the key theme was new recruitment and its licence acquisition cost that outranks insurance as the big hurdle for youth.

The group represented a wide spread of sector representation from the big companies of TNT DHL Citysprint through national networks. Mike Marojam for Royal Mail and regional companies, London focus from GLH and Excell, NCA Chair Kevin Grey and army both territorial and regular, Colonel Stephen Herron for forces postal services.

Energetic, challenging discussions followed with great motivation for the future of the sector. ' We are looking for standards, not legislation' Tfl guidelines could set a freight standard. ' Challenges focused on competitive pricing to clients closing margins to tight for quality.' 'Average workforce age post forty but retention typically very good'

Key items the group would feedback to skills council.

Who are our workers, not just van drivers, the group had clarity its couriers ranged from none licence holding cyclists through motorbike, small van, large van, 7.5 van and truck.

Beyond drivers the mobile fleet were vehicle and none vehicle couriers, 'Van driver headings were short sighted in the present skills council reports.'

Driver licence acquisition cost was one of the greatest hold backs on younger talent to the industry, insurance the second issue to licence acquisition .

An inspired guest to the group was Dionne Reid, a National Skills Academy, National Courier Awards winner for future women in transport, as a new masters graduate in logistics out of Manchester met University she had some inspired vision of future steps into the logistics world of jobs that took many of the old guard by surprise. A key focus for the group was work force numbers and terminology, the draft industry outlines for the sector were deemed askew to reality of sector numbers, issues of self employment measure and average age of workforce at top of the action agenda.

National Courier Awards 2012

An exceptional evening promoting the individuals who's outstanding contribution to the Sameday Courier Industry was recognized. A gala evening attended by large and small courier companies from across the UK alongside the military logistics personnel.

2012 news sep 1

Viscount Falkland opened the evening with a congratulatory thank you for a logistics summer and all the hard work that the industry put in to the Olympics. Master Carmen, Vice Pro Chancellor Liz Barnes of Derby University, Chris Hodder BMF and IoD vice chairman of City of London IOD and IoC Founding Fellows Marc Chaueauv and Jeffrey Ritterband were on hand to present the awards with a rousing finale for the Militatary Award of Honour going to Sgt Hardacre of the Royal Logistic Corp.

An dazzling entertainment came after dinner in the design of an electric light show: Feeding the Fish Wow! but the most important people of the evening were those who were honoured with a nomination for and were the winners in their categories.

Proud to be a courier. See National Courier Awards for the full report.

2012 news sep 2


Skills Council, Skills for Logistics, Sector group for Courier and Mail logistics

The sector group met Tuesday Sept 18 at the IOD Pall mall London Sw1,

Energetic challenging discussions followed with great motivation for the future of the sector.'we are looking for standards, not legislation' Tfl guidelines could set a freight standard. 'Challenges focused on competitive pricing to clients closing margins to tight for quality' 'Average workforce age post forty but retention typically very good'

The formation of a new craft sector specific group for courier, mail and logistics took place on Tuesday Sept 18 at the Institute of Directors, the senior members are listed below, a variety of further members are expected to bring broad representation to the widest possible footprint for industry to take messages to government for skills needs and steps forward in best practice.


National Courier Awards Judging Panel 2012

Judges of the National Courier Awards 2012 have voted.

2012 news sep 3

Richard Howard FIoC (seated) chaired the pannel at the offices of the Carmen livery in the City of London. Judges line up from left Tracey Worth Co-ordinator, Len Rainford FFIoC Sameday UK, Justin Moore FIoc CitySprint, Greg Hoy FIoC Excel Couriers, David Brown Prestige Couriers, Chris Hodder BMF Political Advisor, Rob Scott FIoC GLH, Mick Davies EARS and Carl Lomas MBE IoC.

Categories of Two Wheels, Four Wheels, Contract and Office were hard fought, third party testimonies were key to winners with Olympics, traffic planning and exceptional skills were all strong in the shortlisted nominations.. Further consideration was given to the special awards Olympic Team Medal (company) Future Women in Transport, Transport Legacy Award and the Military commendation. See National Courier Awards for further details of shortlisted nominations.

The results are a secret and revealed only on the night. It will be an event not to be missed, Tuesday September 18th September if you have not organised your tickets do it now Call: Tracey Worth on 07976 263745 to make sure you are there.

Transport Minister News

In the big reshuffle it was end of day when news of the first known truck licence holder transport minister Mike Penning came in.

Mike Penning moves out of transport for Northern Ireland minister.  He will be a great loss from transport. Mike Penning spoke from the heart at last year's National Courier Awards in praise of practical transport policy.

Norman Baker remains in transport for the Liberal Democrats.

Patrick McLoughlin takes the top role in transport.

The Telegraph reported there are apparently now 23 living former Transport Secretaries. In fact they seem to come more frequently than some buses in remote rural areas.

At least Mr McLoughlin will know the department, having served as a minister there in between 1989 and 1992.'s the Big One

IOC Chariman Carl Lomas reflects on the Olympic roads politics as the days close to zero.

'This is the Big One' booms Boris from every tube station as the Olympics are just five days away. 'Million folk a day extra, expect congestion' Time to distance maps handed out free, 'it may be better to walk' we are informed.

While Amazon tell us its deliveries as usual it is customer services who should prepare to deliver the sensible solution for the Olympic jams that seem inevitable.

Customer services must be the front line solution and traffic office and controllers should be ready to adapt to what they do best, 'delivering the impossible solution'

Last minute squabbles of the Prime Ministers access to the ORN closed roads network and the bicycle lobby pushing to use the same hallowed lanes seems a push on the games lanes that politicians could best do without. It will be tough out there, multi modal walker, cycle and motorcycle spread out of van platforms will be the closest answer as we watch for inspiration that should succeed to a recognition for National courier awards for those chosen few who deliver in the face of diversity.

Olympic Roads Go Live!

Vehicle Permit Checkpoints (VPC) have started to go live around venues and drivers should allow more time, plan their journey and take extra precautions when driving around the capital. Drivers are reminded that they can only pass through a VPC if they if they have a valid reason to be in that area. VPCs will be found around all Olympic venues, and drivers are encouraged to carry photographic ID, a delivery note and a company headed letter from the Transport Manager or Senior Management stating that the driver and vehicle belong to that company and which also contains contact information. To view a map of the locations of the VPCs visit:

Changes to the road network in London ahead of the Olympic Games Olympic Route Network (ORN) rules are now under enforcement on the M4 and outside of London The road networks will be increasingly busy as athletes, officials and media are now arriving in significant numbers. Please avoid roads in central London, Heathrow Airport and around Games Venues during the daytime, where final preparations are taking place:

Changes to the road network now in place:

    The M4 Games Lane is now live and will remain so until the end of the Paralympic Games. During hours of operation only athletes, coaches and technical officials will be allowed to use this lane. The rest of the ORN will not come into effect until Wednesday 25th July. Normal traffic can continue to use Games Lanes until this date.

Eleven Days to the Olympic Ceremony

Amazon's recent client emails. We (Amazon) wanted to let you know about the steps we've taken at Amazon to ensure that your deliveries continue uninterrupted.

The IOC view is traffic and routes will be a key issue and the sensible line is to warn clients, The solution lies with customer services and advice. As tube stations announce the big delays arriving it seems very ambitious to propose no problems ahead.

This Amazon statement seems irresponsible and unsupported by any of our industry professionals views of disruption . We would welcome an 'uninterrupted' service.

Amazon continued in their client advice

We have worked closely with our carrier network to ensure that you recieve your packages on time, form the moment the torch arrives in London on 16 July until the closure of the Olympic Park on 14 September. This includes residential and commerical addresses in or around the Olympic venues. The carriers delivering your Amazon orders have all planned for any disruption that the Olympic Road Network could cause. They're using a variety of different methods to ensure your usual delivery service continues including employing more staff, bicycle routes and foot deliveries, to name but a few.

The Amazon release is sending out the wrong message, putting the blame on the industry and the corporate company Amazon reliquinshing all responsbility to offer fair and sensible advice to its customers. We all hope and hope is the precise word, that delieveries will continue wi th little distruption but with the chasos of such large road closures and Olympic Road Network (ORN) impenging on all areas of the transportation Amazon are closing their eyes and pushing the blame onto someone else.

The IoC has from the start stated that this event in our country will be remembered for our Customer Service staff who will offer skillful guidance, encouraging and support those clients who understand that distruption, delays and diversions will be the order of deliveries. For Amazon to make a public statement that 'deliveries to continue without disruption' can only mean they do not wish to acknowledge their responsibility to their clients, to provide fair and realistic answers to their problem.