IoC News - October 2012

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IOC at Logistics Link North Doncaster V3 - RFID - The Time Is Right.

A well-articulated presentation by Inotec introducing the RFID technology and how it can be applied successfully in logistics writes Tony Anosike (BEng, PhD) on behalf of the IoC.

The presentation began with a comparison of RFID with other auto ID technologies such as barcode and 2D code, highlighting the advantages of RFID such as ability to change the information on RFID tags, easier and more automatic identification of items etc. This was followed by a detailed description of how RFID works and the different types of RFID tags such as passive and active tags, Low Frequency, High Frequency and Ultra High Frequency tags, their ranges of operation and the application settings for each type of tag. With real tags and video demonstrations of RFID in action in logistics settings, the presentation provided a brief but in-depth understanding of RFID technology.

Inotec argues that 'the time is right' for wider industry adoption of RFID because some of the issues that have been affecting take-up by companies such as high costs of tags/readers and interference in certain environments have been largely resolved. As a member of a leading research centre in RFID applications (Centre for Supply Chain Improvement at the University of Derby), I agree that 'the time is right' as we continually push the boundaries of RFID applications to make it easier and more affordable to implement.

Tony Anosike (BEng, PhD) Derby University.

IOC were at trade show Logistics Link North in Doncaster

Visitors were typically high level, management and board, IOC used a giant flat screen to display latest National Courier award winners.

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There was much talk of post Olympic roads success by Tracey Worth and Carl Lomas had words on stakeholder work with government for transport.

A wide variety of industry showcase systems were on show and a full detailed post pack is en route to fellows.

IOC Future woman in transport NSAL winner Dionne Reid is compiling a summary of the Cranfield view of future logistics lecture at the show, surf the IOC web for full details of how your world will be in five years time. RFID radio tracking was another lecture and will be summarised by one of Liz Barnes team at Derby University who were also showcasing their Masters degree in logistics to launch in January.