IoC News - February 2013

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Logistics week at the University of Derby

Skills for Logisitics (SfL)Chief exec Dr Mick Jackson FIoC used the facilities of the Univ of Derby to host the sector group chairs meeting.

Dr Mick Jackson

We need to raise self esteem in the workforce to raise engagement ..... We need a well developed talent pool.

2013 news feb 1

Shane Walton National HR CILT seated with Dr Mick Jackson FIoC SfL and Dr Ming Lim FIoC Univ Derby. The Master Carmen, Neil Coles, sector chair & Dr Christine Jones Univ of Derby.

A mornings discussions on SfL cross sector issues focused around the four strands,

Intelligent logistics - Informed employer demand, the sector groups input of knowledge

Professional Logistics -   Developing a talent, mapped to the stairway, the Guild, a future credit union.

Local logistics - talent pool, geographic specific around clusters of logistics, Trafford Park & Doncaster signposted as next focus for SfL

Progressive logistics - Increased employer investment  

Tuesday Feb 26, the University of derby was a hot house of employer driven focus for academic success of a stronger logistics workforce.   The sector chairs, present for the University logistics week, Geoff Dunning, Chief exec of Road Haulage Association, Shane Walton National HR for CILT,  Isobel Harding FTA, Richard Steele Port skills & Safety, Carl Lomas chair Institute of Couriers, James Bielby Federation of Wholesale Distributors, the Master Carmen Neil Coles, with SfL chief exec Dr Mick Jackson FIoC and his sector executive team.

February 12th

IOC at Logistics Link South Trade show.

IOC was amongst the southern couriers for a logistics trade show in sight of Heathrow.

 The Institute teamed with Manchester Metropolitan University to collect data for a logistics industry risk vision in the next twelve months and the future five years. Initial findings were not all a surprise but some were deeper into competitor consolidation that may drop price below the market profitability. Trade show near Heathrow attracted some very high level 3PL visitors, Waitrose, Tesco and M&S amongst others, a variety of seminars from complex transport logistics to latest radio frequency ID, not a replacement for bar codes but another tool in the box. Demos scanning a hundred packages in a mixed crate as they passed transit points.

Masters students from Logistics dept at Manchester Met University joined forces with the Institute to collect driver age data and risk to logistics vision, (fuel / recruitment / consolidation growth driving prices to none profit were strong on the future risks to our sector) Manchester Met  students are to do a research paper on industry risks from the data that was collected from over a hundred questionnaires at the show. First view of the research figures will be put before the S4L Mail & Courier sector group on March 12th at Northolt. It's a date for your diary.

2013 news feb 2

Tracey Worth Institute secretary focused visitors on career path routes into logistics and mail, interest was strong.