IoC News - March 2013

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Morrisons joins on-line Home Delivery

Morrisions report profit downturn but advise they are entering Home Shopping. Adding a greater need on the Driver employment market that alreadys sees a future shortage in employable trained drivers.

Morrisdonsy are the last of the big supermarkets to enter home delivery, a deal with Ocardo mentioned. However it goes it will be another huge entry into the home delivery markets. Details of their acquisition (Guardian 18th Feb 2013) 'Morrisons buying 49 stores from failed DVD and games rental chain Blockbuster as it seeks to increase its presence in the UK convenience store market, but the company's main problem is not a shortage of bricks and mortar. The lack of a home delivery service in Britain was singled out as a key factor in a 2.5% drop in like-for-like sales in the run up to Christmas, which means chief executive Dalton Philips is looking at Fresh Direct, New York USA for inspiration.'

Morrisons bought a 10% stake of $50m (£32m) Fresh Direct investment in 2011 a business like the UK's Ocado. "What we learn from Fresh Direct will be invaluable as we plan our own profitable e-commerce business for the UK." "Our team learned a lot about the economics of picking and delivery of food. They also found a very strong focus on customers with products, systems and processes built around the customer. They were struck by the unshakeable focus on quality at Fresh Direct from the top to the bottom of the organisation. Issues with product quality are fixed and produce sales grow strongly as a result. Their reputation in the New York area is second to none and we have learned a lot about how they built that reputation."

S4L IOC sector group meeting

Mail & Courier

We need to  provide business & self-employment understanding to help bridge the step for new entrants to the sector

Mail & Courier group meeting hosted by Colonel Stephen Herron RLC head of British Forces Postal (BFPO) Services at RAF Northolt West London.

2013 news mar 1

A strong focus on recruiting driver workforce as the sectors existing workforce age profiles grow, some new views on a training solution targeted at self-employment and sub-contracting. Clarity of barriers to entering the sector were licence acquisition and cost of insurance. No employees under 18 on the road, those under 21 rare and those under twenty five have prohibitive insurance costs. New entry individuals to road workforce are typically self-employed. A fresh view that an introduction and helping hand into the life of tax, NIS and self employment may greatly value the first steps of such individuals who step away from traditional PAYE job roles.

There was a review of the latest sector report data and sample thoughts on a higher route such as an Honous degree in Logistics.

Outstanding hospitality and a focussed network of top level vision, not all were able to stay for the lunch, the classic photo above is by  the statue  'a soldier with a letter from home', companies in the photo, Royal Mail Sameday, Rush, CitySprint, Point to Point, APC, TNT, Keuhn & Nagel, Lt Colonel Ian Stark RLC centre.

CitySprint take over of Sameday UK

CitySprint announced today (4th March) that they have acquired Sameday UK, the Warrington-based firm that specialises in same day logistics, expanding their network to include all of Sameday UK's operations. Sameday UK's employees have transitioned over to CitySprint, and the local contact details will remain the same.

Len Rainford FFIoC, Founder and Managing Director of Sameday UK announced

CitySprint shares our commitment to customer service, so we'll be working together to ensure that the integration is a seamless process. For the time being, it is 'business as usual' for our customers, with the same team and contact number in place.

Patrick Gallagher, Chief Executive of CitySprint, said,

This deal marks yet another important step forward in our growth strategy. We are the UK's leading private same day distribution company, and we plan to keep increasing our reach through local acquisitions, to ensure that we can offer our customers the best possible service.