Hermes holiday pay for self-employed plus status

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First Monday of February, Hermes announce self-employed driver holiday and guaranteed work, they are to call it ‘self-employed plus’ status.

Martijn de Lange, Hermes UK CEO, speaking to the IOC said:

This new option allows couriers to retain the flexibility of self-employment we know is so important to them and gives them the certainty of guaranteed levels of earning, the security of holiday pay and a strong voice.


We’re proud to be leading the way with this pioneering development which we hope will encourage other companies to reflect on the employment models they use.


We have listened to our couriers and are wholeheartedly committed to offering innovative ways of working to meet peoples’ differing needs.

Hermes reported that If the courier follows the agreed route, guaranteed rate and holiday pay will be made. The express, last mile, final mile sector has been under social and political pressure. Many firms operate fixed employment status models but the majority see themselves outside the gig economy with strong bricks and mortar infrastructures and long trading histories of delivery models.

Matthew Taylor speaking, ‘the CLOCK was ticking and Government was coming to a court case.’ ‘Will this lead to a change to Statutory rights? ‘Taylor asks.

Martijn de Lange, chief executive of Hermes UK, ‘We have listened to our couriers and are wholeheartedly committed to offering innovative ways of working to meet peoples' differing needs.’

In what the GMB called a "ground-breaking" deal for the gig economy, Hermes workers can opt-in to receive up to 28 days of paid leave.

In exchange, couriers will have to follow routes specified by Hermes they can also choose pay rates of "at least" £8.50 an hour over the year.

At present, Hermes' 15,000 couriers can deliver parcels in whichever order they want.

Hermes said that if it is guaranteeing hourly rates of pay, it needs to ensure that couriers are taking the most efficient route.


The Institute of Couriers has set a fellows' heads of industry to further review Taylor employment status on March 1st in the afternoon preceeding fellows' gowning.

The Institute of Couriers operates a code of practice, ‘doing the right thing pledge’ it lists a pledge to the driver workforce, advising clarity of employment status.


IOC code of practice, pledge extract

Employment Engagement status

We will provide clarity for all;

· We promise to treat all fairly, with respect, dignity and without discrimination regardless of status.

· We provide clarity of choice in different ways to work.

· All delivery agents shall be provided with clearly written and understandable information about their contract and engagement status.


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