Workshop Day for Future Fleet conference at Guildhall, City of London

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Full House workshops on the red carpet of Guildhall for Future Fleet Full House workshops on the red carpet of Guildhall for Future Fleet

Standing-room only on the Guildhall red carpet.

Let’s talk about the future of ‘Thermal Engines’

City of London set the stage for all things future in our vehicle fleets with a cracking opening day event stacked with hands-on vehicles in Guildhall Yard, rows of exhibition stands and keynotes for New York to Stockholm on all things clean air, alternative fuel.

Day two turned to technology and focused on battery and future technology. Not thermal engines, things that don’t make a sound. Andre Lagendijik asked the audience how much petrol was left in their car before turning to the myths of battery power. Sound, became a key theme for electrics, working dark shifts without disturbance is a big win alongside clean air.



Jeremy Simons , Chairman Port Health & Environment Committee , City of London, welcomed guests to the Future Fleet workshop day at Guildhall for a day of all things electric on the red carpets of the City of London.


Battery technology - the future

Andre Lagendijk , Product Manager , Geesinknorba

‘Tell me how much petrol is in your car this morning?’ A silent audience. ‘Tell me how much battery power you have left on your phone?’ all hands up.

· What to expect in the years ahead, about large battery packs versus small packs with smart charging and hydrogen cells for range extension

· How do the economics of vehicles work, including purchasing costs, operating costs and the infrastructure needed for depots

· Timeline for developments, highlighting the choices facing both manufacturers and operators


Andre used the term Thermal Engines and spoke safe batteries and a high number of cycles, ‘with twelve thousand cycles the battery is very likely to survive beyond the vehicle. 50km a day in the city. Todays batteries range from 120 to 400 kWh New technology, new chemistry is coming. Look at the development of phones over the last ten years as a guide. Large batteries, small chargers or large chargers small batteries, its about money.’ Andre talked AC or DC charging solutions, vehicle availability, servicing cost and cost comparison between diesel and electric charging. A lot of money to be saved of fuel cost, but, ‘the big question will be tax, tax on diesel, tax on electricity.’ Solid state batteries are next step, far more dense batteries, production focus likely to be in China and China is a huge market for electric. ‘In ten years ninety nine per cent of batteries will be recyclable, we are already seeing a growing market in Prius batteries.’


Electric RCVs – ‘a case study, why are we doing electric?’

David Maidman , Business Director , BIFFA & Russell Markstein , Group Commercial Director , Electra Commercial Vehicles

‘Legislation today is way ahead of technology for electric vehicles.’ - ‘The cost model is important.

2019 news jan future fleet forum guildhall london 23 morning 06

Russell Markstein Electra – ‘Drivers have been very enthusiastic. Drivers don’t want to hand back the demo truck.’


The Case study from BIFA. ‘Driver feedback is nothing but positive. Its not diesel, you put your foot down and it goes. There is no diesel delay on the pedal. Largest sound on the electric is the sound of the indicators.’

· Why are electric commercial vehicles viable in the municipal sector

· Real operational experience with electric HGVs. Drivers love them.

· You can hear other trucks, cars and bikes around the cab.


Effectively managing Capital Assets - Make Smarter Decisions

Nick Bridle , Professional Services Consultant , Assetworks


‘Pence per mile, vehicle cost, maintenance cost – Strategic forecasting can be touch of a button. Replacement plans - When does it cost you more money to maintain the vehicle than the value of its capital.’

· Shaping modern systems to consolidate engineering, procurement, life cycle, replacement data into a single platform

· How to run strategic replacement forecasting over a defined time horizon eg 0-20 years

· What operational replacement plans look like for Local Authorities


Electric power heralds a revolution in municipal vehicles

Dominik Kalt , Head of Product Management - Technology , Aebi Schmidt Deutschland

‘It’s a cities duty to be a clean city. As more and more cities introduce clean air zones diesel is no longer an option. Environmental footprint needs to be sustainable. Pollution to a minimum, CO2 neutral. As density rises and vehicles work at night, vehicles need to be quiet. ’ ‘Electric operation time, need to complete one work shift between charge.’ Dominik spoke passionately, The classic quote is true, ‘high acquisition cost does not allow me to purchase.’ Let me explain, full life cost, service intervals and maintenance is almost free, there is possibility to refurbish in the future with a new battery, the fuel is clearly far cheaper than diesel.’

· Ticket EV – Ban diesel – EV only for commercial use in a city.

· Benefits of electric vehicles in daily business – 1 charge per shift.

· Technology trends in alternative drive solutions

· Financial benefit with electric vehicles, but sound is also a win on night shifts.


Wrapping up an excellent, full house workshop, Jeremy Simons , Chairman Port Health & Environment Committee , City of London,

Jeremy Simons, ‘Its been a great pleasure for the City of London to host the conference, we clearly have a lot to think about for the future of electric vehicles and the clean air around us.’

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