IOC Tracey Worth gets on a bike for June 21st Clean air day ride to work week

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IOC CEO Tracey Worth on two wheels for clean air day during MCIA ride to work week IOC CEO Tracey Worth on two wheels for clean air day during MCIA ride to work week

With National Clean Air Day 21st June falling in the middle of Ride to Work Week 18th – 24th June, Institute of Couriers CEO, Tracey Worth thought it was a good opportunity to highlight the part motorcycles play in reducing congestion and air pollution in the UK.

IOC President Viscount, Lord Falkland was on two wheels for a week in parliament and took the opportunity during Harriet Harman's speech to announce he was commuting to the Lords on a motorcycle.

From GLA Clean Air conference at City Hall to a Manchester meeting, Tracey took to two wheels for her commute.

Great fun on a very smart red Ducati two wheeler that was an easy machine to handle in both the city traffic and the urban roads.

With a pair of panniers the bike would be at home on final mile deliveries but this trip was just between meetings. It was quick, economical and delivered a clean air solution.

Tracey is an IAM member and has a full licence - from two wheels to articulated truck and tracked vehicles, she is the chief exec of the Institute of Couriers and has recently taken the chair role for the DfT STAT diversity.

Tracey comments,

Two wheels is a great answer to congestion and escaping the traffic, we have seen final mile, express delivery success on the ability of the powered two wheeler to keep the life blood of cities moving when deliveries are urgent, two wheels delivers a cleaner air solution and can get through the congestion to deliver for the clients.



Government needs to recognise the potential of motorcycles and scooters to help congestion and deliver clean air


Tony Campbell, CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Association, which initiates the Ride to Work Campaign, is convinced that powered two wheelers, along with other forms of light, clean fuel motorised personal mobility will be the future of inner city and urban transport:

Well done Tracey for commuting on clean air day 2018 during ride to work week. There is no doubt about it, new and innovative vehicles are going to offer the solution to current commuter woes and many of those will come from the Motorcycle Manufacturers.  We need Government and local authorities to open up to the possibilities of what our transport mix could look like, and make sure we incentivise people to opt for vehicles that use less road space and have a positive effect on pollution

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