Transport for London Freight Group at Palestra House - Friday March 23rd

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Mike Brown, TfL Commissioner opens the March 2018 Freight Forum Mike Brown, TfL Commissioner opens the March 2018 Freight Forum

Mike Brown opened the Friday morning event with group focus on how TfL can work in partnership with the freight industry and business community to deliver the Mayor’s Transport Strategy (MTS).

Big final mile players in the room - Hermes, DPD & DHL among the final mile folk - Ocado & John Lewis.

Exploding express, a third of all transport today is final mile and it was well represented.

Academics from Westminster and Sheffield.

Heavy truck folk talked parking tickets dominating but real focus was on Mayor's Transport Strategy; find an easy link to the new document on the IOC web.

A very healthy and frank delivery by Mike Brown and Alex Williams from TfL, talking London growth, MTS and key issues to clean air. In a vision for safety, driver training found itself at the heart of road safety.

If you operate in London, this was  a great opportunity to take the best of TfL knowledge and have your say to directly influence ambitions for freight in the Capital.

RHA and FTA dominated the Q&As with statements but operators did  get a few words in and the message was about working with TfL for a sustainable freight future fitting in the Mayor's new transport policy and delivering safety through direct vision with clean air.

Speakers included

Mike Brown MVO, Commissioner, Transport for London

This is the first freight forum where I can tell you freight has got proper recognition in the Mayor's Transport Policy (MTS) published last week.


Vision Zero – ‘I make no apology in trying to achieve zero accidents on the road. Direct vision has been driven by your input.

'5 million vehicle tax payments by freight and not one payment goes to TfL or London roads.'

TfL is committed to expansion of London delivery.

Mike concluded with, ‘people think consultation is a technocratic process but it is not - freight discussion is important.


Lilli Matson, Director of Transport Strategy, Transport for London

I have spoken to LGV drivers in accidents who would do anything possible not to have such an accident ever again.



Alex Williams, Managing Director of Planning, Transport for London

Alex spoke on MTS, the key items, Vision Zero, impacting air quality, efficient freight servicing and protecting land for freight use.

There is no money coming to London from DEFRA to help air quality, that’s wrong.



Photo gallery

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Alex Williams – talks Mayor's transport strategy (MTS) – Key items – Vision Zero – impacting London air – efficient freight servicing – protecting land for freight.

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Christina Calderato, Transport for London TALKS SAFETY

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