Fuels In Action - LoCity Kempton Park - the alt-fuel future

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IOC CEO Tracey Worth takes a tour of the vehicles in the car park at Fuels in Action IOC CEO Tracey Worth takes a tour of the vehicles in the car park at Fuels in Action

The IOC was on hand as LoCity opened their Fuels In Action roadshow today at Kempton Park racecourse.

A rich mix of alternative fuel providers and users were there to advise future fuel best practice and recount early-days experience with the current crop of alt-fuel tech.

A full house; five hundred registered guests at the Heathrow logistics hot-spot. An explanation of all things clean air for the pending ULEZ regs, April 2019. Alternative fuels is an answer to clean air, but driver training and consolidating deliveries is also the answer.

There was a big speaker line-up; three parallel seminars, all opened by TRL, the govt's Transport Research Laboratory. Operator speakers then took charge to talk real world experience of the new style vehicles. CitySprint spoke about refuelling hydrogen and new IOC fellow Jacquie O'Donovan talked about getting the most miles out of electric in the cold weather with the heaters on.

Andy Salter welcomed guests to LoCity's 4th Fuels in Action roadshow . A journey to the culmination of alternative fuels with a packed itinerary of seminars. Electric, Gas, Hydrogen. Renewable vehicles.

Different Horse Power - today.

2018 news mar andy salter locity roadshow kempton park

Andy Salter welcomed guests to LoCity's 4th Fuels in Action roadshow


O'Donovan Waste spoke electric van charge anxiety.

Jacquie O'Donovan, 90 HGVs and 5 depots in London, improving green is about advancing staff skills and sharing knowledge for fuel-efficient driving. We have a Berlingo 100% electric and benefit from zero congestion charge. ‘It’s a very smooth drive.’ Anxiety is the big issue for drivers: will they get home ? We are getting around seventy miles, but using the heater in the cold weather is a challenge to the security of having enough power to see the driver home.


John Lewis using Biotherme gas-power vans.

Justin Laney. General Manager of John Lewis Fleet described the journey they had taken to refresh their fleet with Biotherme Gas renewable fuel.

Seven-year challenge, as buying gas-only vehicles has been difficult -  53 of a 500-strong fleet today.

Fuel duty is fixed until 2024, which is important for business case and infrastructure decisions. A gas vehicle's range is now 500 miles achievable so you don't have to choose which vehicle to use.

Reduction by 83% in CO2, 35% in fuel cost and 50% in noise reduction. Matched by refrigeration trailer units, it is a perfect vehicle for urban operations. Happily this is also available in the small 35cwt van.

2018 news mar justin laney john lewis locity roadshow kempton park


CitySprint talked Hydrogen – ‘It's an electric with hydrogen top-up

Ali Kagalwalla CitySprint commented 'everything starts with Why ?' CitySprint have taken a multi-fuel approach from urban to long-distance, 'it is important to do the trials. Innovation will promote better air quality, promote change and align with client thinking. CitySprint want to improve air quality and promote change, we want to promote leading innovation and align with our clients for clean air.'

CitySprint are trialling the Kangoo ZE H2 around the M25 area with a view to trialing longer distances. 'It took a year to arrive from order. Our OLEV grant was successful but you need to plan in advance.  The vehicle cost is high, £50k means one hydrogen equals four petrol. Whilst refuelling infrastructure is small, other challenges are: the driver open-mindedness, order timescale and maintenance. Getting as many drivers and staff trained is important to success.'

2018 news mar locity kempton park kagalwalla citysprint

'In reality, our hydrogen van is an electric vehicle with a hydrogen top-up extension capability and we look forward to seeing that reverse. One size does not fit all.'

LoCity Fuels In Action exterior photo gallery

IOC Tracey Worth takes a tour of the LoCity car park


LoCity Fuels In Action interior photo gallery

Image titles

01 - Gas, hydrogen and electric with IOC Chair Carl Lomas talking to DB Auto, Arcola and Mercedes.
07 - Logistics Skills Alliance talk training to drive alternative fuel in DCP modules.
11 - Full House reception for Motor Transport introductions
12 - Hayley Pink introduces Hydrogen
13 - Ali Kagalwalla CitySprint talks hydrogen vans on the road
14 - Jacquie O'Donovan electric van and dealing with anxiety of charge for the driver.
15 - IOC Chair Carl Lomas with TfL Donata MacCrossan at end of a successful day at Kempton Park LoCity
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