Dot com vans - ULEZ at Broadway - TfL freight boss Alex Williams

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Sam Norman TfL

ULEZ is not the end game, let's talk zero emission.

Sadiq Kahn's Mayor's London Transport Policy is setting what is probably the most ambitious clean air policy in the World and its dot com vans are the only vehicle sector rising on London roads in the shadow of exploding e-retail.

There was not a word on consolidation as focus remains on the exhaust pipe for clean London air.


Institute Of Couriers chair Carl Lomas, ‘Lets never forget it's our drivers at the coal face who are breathing this air.’



TfL Freight boss, Alex Williams hosted  the 3rd ULEZ Transport strategy. The historic Broadway listed sky scraper building venue was so full folk were standing in the door way.

‘The dot com vans are the only increasing vehicle sector on the London roads – This is a big challenge.’


Alex Williams – ‘The Mayor wants the cleanest and safest vehicles possible.’

Six thousand responses to the Mayor's Transport strategy. London is very close to a World Mega City, public transport is overcrowded, London has limited space, we are creaking at the seams. Mayor's policy on road safety is no accidents.  When Cross Rail opens, Oxford Street likely to increase foot traffic twenty percent, we are looking at pedestrianisation solutions but recognise need for rear street delivery. Silvertown tunnel is our only major road infrastructure and we may have a decision by May.’

Bus emissions – every single-decker in Central is electric, as soon as technology exists we will replace every diesel double-decker. 2020 is our target.’

Alex promoted the work done on the bus vehicles and offered TfL knowledge to the freight vehicle sector.

Alex Williams

Scores on the doors for voters – 70% support clean air in Central London – 58% support clean air inside the M25 and that audience is 18 times bigger population.


TfL Sam Norman took the stage.

NO2 is a road transport problem. Euro 6 will be introduced in phases for light vehicles. Emissions will be measured in real world tests. We are in stage 3B of air quality consultation, it is about ULEZ extensions for more air quality for London. T Charge (Toxicity) around two thousand vehicles paying today.

For April 2019 you must be at least Euro 6, light vehicles and motorcycles must be cleaner. Euro 4 petrol is equivalent to Euro 6 diesel. We recognise retro-fit is a big challenge but bus conversions have been possible.


Sam closed his presentation encouraging all to achieve lower emissions quicker as the longer the public are exposed to bad air the greater the health risk and that is not good. Be warned that the Mayor of London does not see this as the end game. ‘How can we achieve Zero Emissions is what we should be looking to achieve

Audience mixed across all sectors from council road sweepers to all-electric.

Sam Clarke Gnewt,

We need a correlation between congestion, emissions through to parking for clean air solutions.


He challenged parking space for deliveries, red route charges increasing Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) from £130 to £160.

Sam Norman TfL ‘You can avoid PCNs’ A big rumble of despair from the room. ‘You can’t avoid PCNs in London and achieve deliveries! Even yellow lines are being lost to superhighways

Property guru, Neil Impiazzi from SEGRO focused on land space and planning for commercial and freight, where are the opportunities for consolidation and depots?’ Alex Williams, ‘I am aware we need to view London and its space for solutions in freight.

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