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Thursday, 03 November 2016 19:37

Freight in the City Expo at Ally Pally

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Deputy Mayor of London Val Shawcross addresses the Freight in the City Expo at Alexandra Palace 2nd Nov 2016 Deputy Mayor of London Val Shawcross addresses the Freight in the City Expo at Alexandra Palace 2nd Nov 2016

Eighty years of broadcasting celebrated at Ally Pally as transport walked up the North London hill for a freight expo. A keynote from Val Shawcross Deputy Mayor of London, TfL and the LoCity team; IOC chair Carl Lomas spoke as Chair for the LoCity van group.



Val Shawcross,

Freight is key to our sustainable city. Vital to our economy. Air pollution is our greatest challenge, we must work together. T charge will focus on high pollution vehicles. The cleanest journeys are those not made. Consolidation & re-timing may be answers and I would like you to make more use of water and rail. London needs an environment that shows freight can be clean. I want to hear from you on how to make consolidation work.

Carl Lomas, Chair for the van group of LoCity,

We have looked at motivators, barriers and opportunities for the wider takeup of low-emission vehicles. Members of the group are from technology & operators, express companies involved include Gnewt, GLH, DHL, TNT, UPD and Addison Lee. Input and direction has been driven by final mile, e-retail explosion and population increase. Operator engagement has been strong by both national and SME operators. Research has showcased two separate operator groups, those fleets based at hub on set routes, a second group of franchise and owner-operators, this group challenged to re-fuel, parked at roadside overnight, likely without garage or off-road parking. The group has voted unanimously that infrastructure is the biggest challenge. Whatever fuel it is, it must be accessible.

Lomas went on to talk about exploding e-retail. ‘The client chain, purchase from a mobile device, deliver home or work, click because you can. Ordering two colours in three sizes and sending five back. Reverse logistics in greater numbers than the client chain purchase’ ‘Educating the client of the cost of delivery will be key to future solutions.’


2016 news nov freight in the city carl lomas tim ward helen smith

Carl Lomas IoC with Tim Ward TfL Head of Freight and Helen Smith TfGM Head of Freight
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