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Heart of Logistics for AELP Sector Forum to talk shop on Trailblazers

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AELP logistics in employer heartland of levy for Express trailblazer.

UK Mail director John Nolan was at the heart of naming the Express trailblazer alongside CitySprint and TNT. What better host for an AELP training provider focus on Trailblazer delivery?

UK Mail sortation site in transport hot-spot on the A45 opened their doors to host the Association of Learning Providers Logistics Forum Sept 22nd. A full house of training providers, colleges and award bodies packed the event to receive strategic updates on Trailblazer, levy & RoATP. Quality and excellence in logistics sortation all around the group at the 22 acre, 55 million pound site set the scene for a strategy update with the very latest govt views on employer involvement to levy in logistics and express.

Carl Lomas, secretary for  Express Trailblazer, Bill boards in the streets

Degree Apprenticeships will be the game changer that brings a new perception to every level of apprenticeship.


UK Mail director Richard Wenham introduced the AELP visitors to the Coventry A45 logistics site. A boardroom showcase, the Kayne brothers who began Yellow express in 1976 to become Business Post before rebranding to UK Mail, Richard talked about latest digital mail and the huge shift from BtoB to BtoC, C accounts for 57% of today’s business.

When asked about workforce, Richard clarified,

Levy is on our risk register, it’s at the board table.


UK Mail treated AELP logistics guests to lunch as they looked out across the enormous sortation shed of twin-belt sorters running in parallel, a video showcase displayed the kit running at peak.

James Billingham, chairing introduced a summary of recent conferences, commerciality of levy, resources match, organisations with work streams crossing levy boundaries.

James asked providers,

have you signed SLAs with employers for levy?


The answers were few. What does a levy SLA look like? Primes, price reduction negotiations and sub-contracting were in the summaries.

Carl Lomas Institute of Couriers outlined the express Trailblazer. ‘What is levy? What is apprenticeship? What is logistics?’ The answers are not simple, Lomas answered logistics and the exploding sector of express in need of next generation workforce. Detailing the level two Express Trailblazer and its edit to include walking post and mail. Banded at 4,900 interim.

Lisa Smailes Pearson explained express end-point assessment. Asking AELP members who shopped on line, Maureen O’Mara had just received a book delivery to her home and on time,


It’s not just about that delivery, a second reflection is sortation, it’s a separate workforce and it needs trailblazer at level two. It's work in the pipeline for Express employers like UK Mail.


Lomas thanked AELP for provider engagement in the Trailblazer development. Logistics is rich in full-cost compliance delivery such as DCPC and FORS, spend in the sector already likely exceeding future levy payments but rarely measured. Lomas finished with talk of degree apprenticeships, ‘the game changer, bill board adverts for no-fee routes to a degree while in a paid job, and this will change views at every level of Trailblazer.’

James introduced AELP Mike Cox for a full govt update. ‘Are we ready for levy?’ Mike detailed the future apprenticeship programme. Levy will be employer led, Theresa May could have re-addressed the figures but she did not, the target remains 3 million apprentices by 2020. To deliver apprentices you must be on Rapt. Grade three and above for the register. Delivery for none levy payers in a second round.  DAS to roll out April, funding routes and new names for depts. ‘Levy cannot be used for licence to practice!’ Mike Cox asked how many employers were talking levy to employers, hands up were thin to his question.

Mike Cox. More detail on end point assessment, Q and A, consistency in grading, independence of bodies, end point quality, assurance process. ‘Who will fund end point re-takes’ OFQUAL ect.

James Billingham closed with thanks to UK Mail, AELP logistics group in heart of employer logistics for Trailblazer, levy RoATP.


2016 news sep aelp mike cox

AELP Mike Cox takes questions on end point assessment for Trailblazers

2016 news sep ukmail richard wenham

Richard Wenham UK Mail director talks logistics and express sortation to AELP sector group
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