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The upcoming edition of Warehouse and Logistics News passes on the IoC's message about Code of Practice to an even wider audience.  The National Courier Awards and the Heads of Industry round table earlier the same day are also covered in a publication than reaches nearly 40,000 subscribers in the sector every fortnight.

Euston Traffic as roads close Friday Oct 27.

NW1 closures were tweeted by the IoC from first am.

Euston water main work closed roads in NW1, end of a busy Friday as road works continued.


Judges have made the secret decisions for the National Courier Awards.

It was time to read a compendium of ten thousand words of excellence in the most detailed nominations in the 21 year history of the National Courier Awards.

Votes have been taken and the silver C courier awards are waiting for the best of the best in the express courier sector. President's nominations include a services to industry winner for the 21st National courier awards 2017 and there is also a win nominated for Step Change in the sector. Military nominations for logistics in regular, reserve and private sector are set to recognise deliveries in austere locations under pressure. While the winners are a secret, it will be no surprise to expect a standing ovation for the excellence to be recognised in military logistics by the private sector of express and courier.

Two wheel, four wheel and contract categories were again of exceptional quality this year. Presidential awards will include corporate safety, road safety, client collaboration and consolidation aligned to LoCity clean air. A top apprentice is expected to be recognised and senior academics from around the UK will be on stage to make the award. Highest award of services to industry is tipped to be delivered in 2017 for the twenty-first year of the awards.

IoC President Viscount, Lord Falkland will open the gala event on Oct 17th, Honorary Fellow, Traffic Commissioner Sarah Bell will be on hand to help dish out the silver C courier awards alongside key industry VIPs, including the livery masters of the Carmen and Information Technologists.


Clean air, alternative fuel van discussion hosted at London Met University, Moorgate.

Perfect mix of guests with operators alongside tech, manufacturers and govt to talk clean air, electric-centric, but other fuels on the table. TRL, TfL and DFT in the mix for discussions. Carl Lomas chairing sorted frank exchange discussions as operators talked about a jigsaw of options.

History in the making as transport livery sign for their very own home in the heart of London.

Five hundred years in the making, Carmen livery of transport signed a 125-year lease today for their first proper home, at St Dunstan's in Fleet Street, London.

A new copper roof, lift access, lots of space for meetings in transport, the new hall of the Carmen was signed today and blessed by the Bishop.

Lights, lawyers, camera and action as documents signed for the new home of the livery of transport in the heart of London, a 500-year step on Friday 13th.

Driver eyesight a key reason for audit failure -  when did your van drivers last take an eyesight test ?

IoC chair Carl Lomas was at the FORS Fleet operator recognition scheme National governance meeting Oct 2017.

Two wheel working group has had a first meeting to review options for a FORS audit programme. FORS is racing towards its five-thousandth member. Eyesight checks have been a big reason for audit failures. Do you ask your van fleet drivers if they have had an eyesight test recently ?

FORS is a quality standard for operators; operators are audited and checked for best practice, from management of the vehicle fleet to driver checks beyond the normal practice. It's a quality platform - the governance group meets four times a year.

October news breaking on DX.

Owners Gatemore see a return to profit for DX freight with nearly 25 million of new investment and the appointment of Lloyd Dunn in the top spot.

Lloyd Dunn, former Nightfreight and Tufnells success, with nearly forty years in the business is tipped to have placed 5 million of his own money in the deal.

Ron Series is the likely new chairman from Bob Holt and 2017 accounts are about to be signed-off.

IoC Chair Carl Lomas swept to final mile by express sector support

Shirt and tie, no Lycra for cycle run by IoC chair in Transaid cycle run from TfL HQ to final mile in Paris via courier company pit-stops with a hundred thousand tweets of energy and support of the family of express sector, Sunday celebration when Carl removed his  Carmen tie from a job well done for Transaid transport charity.

Mike Brown TfL launched Lomas and the #IOC4Transaid tweet followers on the London cycle superhighway last Thursday. Lomas went on the road on his cycle for four days. Citysprint, Steve Knibb organised  the first pit-stop at their Guildford office. Team Joanna, Rachael and Matt gave POB for a CitySprint breakfast heading for a Horsham BACA workwear fudge lunch by Marc Calder at the Ryman DHL High street drop shop. UPS Mike Cooper, Newhaven office saw Carl on the ferry where he landed Dieppe for the Saturday morning with a French laPoste electric cycle escort out of the city post codes. Rouen Cy'clic visit then a  run to Évreux. Sunday last push to Paris where Lomas joined fifty other Transaid cyclists set to raise a hundred thousand pounds for Transaid. DHL, XPO, Bullet from Glasgow all pushing air to slipstream  Lomas in an express sector peloton to the last mile finish.
Eiffel tower celebrations roared into applause as Lomas finally removed his Carmen tie from a job well done.

IoC Chair Carl Lomas vowed to complete the Princess Royal's Transaid charity cycle run from London to Paris at the May Microlise conference. Having never been on a cycle for twenty five years, it was a big ask for the IoC Chair, who has completed 500 miles training in the last six weeks, matching the 500 year celebration of the Carmen Livery with support from Carmen master Marsha-Rae Ratcliff.

Carl left Palestra House TfL HQ at 13h30 on Thursday 21st Sept wearing a business shirt and Carmen wheels of transport tie. Making use of the CS7 TfL cycle superhighway he headed onto an A3 route aiming for the next pit-stop with CitySprint Guildford office on Friday morning.

update 10h00 Friday 22nd Sep - The screens are busy today as IoC chair Carl Lomas gets a pit-stop at CitySprint Guildford. Ops Manager Steve Knibb and team (Joanna, controller Rachel and Matt) give the green light for POB in the GU postcode.

update 12h00 Friday 22nd Sep - Following the ups and downs of the Surrey cycle highway to Horsham for fudge lunch courtesy of BACA Workwear outside Rymans - DHL drop zone on Middle St. Horsham. Thanks to Marc Calder at BACA for sorting the Hi-Viz and their best promo fudge !

update 17h30 Friday 22nd Sep - onboard and on time - heading for Dieppe thanks to UPS depot manager for Brighton and Eastbourne Nick Cooper and team signposting the way to ferry lane 8, saving 2 miles of cycling through the heart of BN postcode.

update 08h45 Saturday 23rd Sep - Dieppe - a balmy seaside resort. A morning alarm from the seaguills ready to make the almighty push up the hill to Saint Aubin, Rouen and Évreux.

update 13h15 Saturday 23rd Sep - Rouen - In front of the cathedral cy'clic cycle hire - Évreux next !

update 07h00 Sunday 24th Sep - Évreux - Breakfast with #TransaidParis17 cycle leader Harry Wells. The "Who's-who" of UK transport cycling in the last leg to Paris in a start reminiscent of Le Mans. "Gentlemen and Ladies, please start your wheels...and we're off"...for another 80 miles !

update 16h30 Sunday 24th Sep - Paris - Eiffel Tower ! #TransaidParis17 is over, but the work of Transaid continues. Congratulations to all who took part or helped along the way.

Carl comments

I did 500 miles of 25 mile training runs in six weeks and the express sector finished the job with mega motivation to Paris.  A big thank-you to the Condor cycle team in Grays Inn Road who re-built the bike, a 25 year old TVT courier cycle, enormous thank-you to the Transaid cyclists bringing me in to those last miles, could not have done it without them, express sector is a family like no other.

  • May 2017 - Microlise Conference

    Lomas commits to ride for Transaid

  • Day 1 London: TfL HQ

    0km travelled - 376km to go

  • Day 1 Guildford: Olympic route

    46km travelled - 330km to go

  • Day 2 Guildford: CitySprint pit-stop

    46km travelled - 330km to go

  • Day 2 Horsham: BACA fudge lunch

    81km travelled - 295km to go

  • Day 2 Newhaven:UPS dockside

    136km travelled - 240km to go

  • Day 3 Dieppe: Rouen next !

    136km travelled - 240km to go

  • Day 3 Rouen: A cy'clic city

    200km travelled - 176km to go

  • Day 4 Évreux: an early start

    250km travelled - 126km to go

  • Day 4 Paris: Eiffel Tower

    376km travelled - destination reached


See Carl's progress in the slideshow above and in the  photo gallery


Transport, Taylor & Trailblazer to set the foundations for a Sector code of practice in express and courier for 2020.

A top level line up of govt depts. Is showcased in the draft agenda below. The key briefing in express sector for 2017 at the IoD Pall Mall; do not miss this date, It’s a double diary win to attend the evening's National Courier Awards.

Govt dept. briefings will set the context for round tables to review the foundations for a courier and express sector code of practice for 2020.

TfGM - Freight in Greater Manchester - compliance an impact - golden freight routes

Helen Smith head of freight for Transport for Greater Manchester hosted her national freight forum for Greater Manchester to a full house audience that included TNT, Tarmac, Adidas and Warburtons, Trafford teams, local councils mixed with academics.

Highways England talked data on the golden freight routes, IoC asked the Red Star rail question for consolidation.

LoCity talk was 1200 electric new vehicles last year, a small number in the pool of all vehicles but the growth graph was like a ski slope for Eddie the Eagle.

There was Manchester Mayor input for the forthcoming freight strategy, a great lunch and interactive afternoon workshops in a diary date not to be missed.