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IOC big on the internet for Brexit but it's been round table too.

Brexit round table for express logistics, final mile, last mile. At the Crowne Plaza, 55 Booth Street West, Manchester M15 6PQ.

Oct 30 for the IOC Middle England Brexit last mile masterclass

Logistics heartland Middle England for the IOC Last Mile Manchester masterclass on all things BREXIT, it was a must-attend in the Express hot-spot of middle England on Oct 30 for a free-to-attend round table with the experts speaking to clarify where we are on borders, licence compliance , reality of dates and more.


White Paper: Electric Vehicles - 8 key points

DPD CEO launches eight-point action plan for a joined-up policy approach.

Operators, manufacturers, energy providers and Government urged to act now.

DPD upgrades own EV investment plan for 500 vehicles by end of 2020; "We cannot kick this problem any further down the road."

Trebling the charging points in Greater Manchester.

The government has instructed Greater Manchester and many other areas to develop Clean Air Plans to bring levels of NO2 on local roads within legal limits as soon as possible.

So Greater Manchester is now working together to produce a single approach for the whole region.

TfGM have considered a wide range of measures that could help reduce roadside NO2 levels and carried out extensive work to help develop a proposed package of measures.

These measures include:

· A Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone which the most polluting buses, coaches, HGVs, vans, taxis and private hire vehicles would pay a daily penalty to drive in.

· A multi-million pound funding package to support local businesses and sole traders to upgrade to cleaner vehicles.

· Trebling the number of electric vehicle public charging points.

National Courier Awards 2019 at the IOD

Life services, seven gongs and nineteen courier silver Cs for 2019

Step-change award to DPD for electric vehicle micro-hub

Hermes take team award

Diamond win diversity

Clipper take fresh start recruitment.

Life Services win to Alistair Cochrane Whistl


Three winners further nominated for fellow by awards chair Adrian Smith

Will Friar Rush Couriers, Monica Pound CitySprint & Monika Haromszeki Hermes.

Progression in our sector

Mandy Freedman, former road National Courier awards winner comes back to win an office category.

Clean air for final mile double-take with two winners

GLA Gnewt & City of London CitySprint cargo bike parking


Your next generation have a stairway to manager

Three years. No student loan – it's paid by levy

Three years in the making, DfE Institute for Apprenticeships have approved the level six standard at degree level for Express Delivery Manager.

A three-year course, no student loan, on-the-job learning with a degree in Express management, paid for by levy apprenticeship funding while the candidate earns a living in the express workplace.

Hot off the bubble – Operation Brock for KENT roads to the ports

IOC beat Parliament Super Saturday Oct 19th to bring the Express Brexit Bubble to the Institute of Couriers website a week ahead. A dedicated top-line bubble for Brexit that’s already had a refresh and all the news you need for Express courier, final mile last mile Brexit.

Britain’s anticipated withdrawal from the EU on 31 October means that businesses across the UK need to prepare. Throughout the rest of this month, IOC will be bringing you all the expertise and information resources you need, as we help express final mile get Brexit Ready. Focusing on issues including driving licences, employment and immigration and getting ready for any changes in the tax and customs landscape. Hot off the Brexit Bubble news is Operation Brock.


IOC set to sign the DWP Race at Work Charter for the express sector.

Institute Of Couriers Carl Lomas was at HSBC Docklands E14 with DWP for an overview of the Race Disparity Audit at HSBC in docklands.

It was time to commit to the Race at Work Charter.


The 23rd National Courier Awards, held at the IoD, Pall Mall, London SW1 is Tuesday October 15th 2019.

Sir John Hayes for the gala final mile event recognising express, last mile courier best of the best.

Clean air big on the shortlisted winners

Panel of Judges for the National Courier Awards, chaired by Adrian Smith, sat to decide the final mile best of best.


New role will oversee restoration of historic Houses of Parliament

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, ‘"Mike deserves huge thanks for the exceptional service he has given to London, both for the excellent job he has done as TfL Commissioner, but also for all the work he has done for the capital since starting at TfL in 1989 "


Electric zero emission fleet for Paris.

Sam Clarke, Gnwet Menzies and chair of the IOC alternative fuel vehicle group says ‘news on Voltia’s vans being snapped up by Chronopost in Europe clearly demonstrates the need for electric vans of this size for multi-drop applications. Gnewt was the first company to introduce these Nissan converted vans into the UK and they have been fantastic workhorses for us so its good to see others also recognising the potential.'